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Thread: Discounts for Unique Wellness?

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    Default Discounts for Unique Wellness?

    Just got a sample in the mail of the new Wellness Briefs with the improved tapes. I have to say, this diaper is awesome! I did a review on the initial sample, and the fit was way off then. I must have gotten a defective one. I am definitely sold on these new ones though.

    I remember a while back, I used to get emails from them at least monthly with discount codes that brought the cost down to about $60 a case. Is anyone still getting those emails?

    Stay wet!

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    I've gotten at least one email from Daily Diapers that had a coupon code for Unique Wellness.

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    If anyone has let me know. These were the best deal out there when they were 1 dollar a brief. I would still buy them if they offered such a good deal.


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