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    What is some of the best diaper/booster combinations you guys and gals have done? When I say combination I mean like doubling up and I am talking about multiple catergories.

    Also I would hope that this created a chart to see what people find is the best value for absorbency and price.

    Softest Diaper Combination:
    Pampers size 6 extra night time absorbency + Molicare Super plus

    Squishest/Largest growing Combination:
    Pampers size 6 extra night time absorbency+Tena Slip Maxi

    Most absorbent Combination:
    TotalDry Moderate Boost Ups + Tena Slip Maxi

    Best value/Squishest/Largest growing combination:
    Cerinaty adjustable pullps + molicare

    I just pulled the main part of the diaper away from the adjustable pull-up.

    Best for value/absorbency combination:

    Cerinaty adjustable pull-ups + molicare


    Pampers size 6 extra night time absorbency + molicare

    I didn't have actual recordings on these but pampers inside of a molicare seemed to last for a sec.

    I paid $8 bucks for a pack of the certainty adjustable pullups and the Molicares I got at a discount on
    *the pull-ups were all on a 50% sell*

    Does anyone else sorta feel like its wrong to say stuff like "Squishest/Largest growing"? I don't know why but to me it just sounds way to sexually and non professional I guess, but I couldn't think of a better way of saying it.

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    1000ml cloth booster + 2 "Fetware" pull on night nappies+ rubber pants. Feels sooooo good.

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    For overnight, one Dependeco AIO and one Dependeco booster. So far no leaks. Been using this combo for a year.

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    Adli size 4 baby diaper 14cents + Protection PlusŪ Adult Contoured Brief (Staples) 37 cents= 58 cent Diaper comparable to abriform M3.

    This is probably the cheapest night time diaper possible.

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    I like to play with combining various diapers, but the combination I use most often consists of a Changing Times twill prefold with one, two, or three baby prefolds added for extra bulk. The baby prefolds I use are Green Mountain size XL and vintage Curity "Day/Night."

    With prefolds, it's easy to create insanely bulky diapers by triple- or quadruple-diapering oneself. I've gone even further than that before! But I like to retain some mobility.

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