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Thread: "This is indeed a very disturbing universe."

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    Default "This is indeed a very disturbing universe."

    i'm a 14 yo tb girl who wears all the time. ::gasps:: no really. i've worn 24/7 since i was 11 (with on/off periods) and yes, that includes school.

    i'm usually into baby diapers, but recently i got all into underjams. never liked goonites and pullups were good but too tiny and not absorbant enough. i kinda miss wearing huggies and i have a stash for when i'm feeling for them, but mostly i wear underjams all the time. i love baby stuff and have tons of pacifiers, bottles, home made onsies, bibs, and anything else i can get my grubby hands on. all my friends know i wear diapers and everyone is actually pretty mature about it. also, i've gone through the worst, so it's not much of a problem now.

    so uh, yeah. dat's it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by butterfly7493 View Post
    I know not to take this thread seriously.

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    Welcome and Merry Christmas or other celebrated December Holliday!

    I'm slightly curious on the reasons why you need to where all the time.

    Enjoy your time here, and I hope it's a long stay.

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    peon, peoff....the diaper!

    Welcome to the site! Any reason you want to share why you wear 24/7? Just curious as link is. Also, nice Simpsons quote

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    welcome merry christmas and im not a vampire (i think thats what peon means)

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterfly7493 View Post
    peon definition |
    ironically, that is part of the definition of peon is to be a messenger in india.
    who would have known.
    oh and to get a quick and easy flow of this place, check out the irc chat. welcome and merry solstice.

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    Hmmm interesting thread, to be honest I am on the edge of believing it and not believing it. If it is all true then please take no offense, it is just you are the dream girl classmate for every straight guy in here. lol

    Anyways stick around and post some and you will gain trust and we will no doubt things you say. So basically any newbie has to gain trust before we believe rare stories like that lol.

    So welcome to our community I hope you enjoy it here!

    Quote Originally Posted by andysetra View Post
    Any reason you want to share why you wear 24/7?
    I am pretty sure she wears because she wants to because she likes too. Hence when she said "on and off" I never heard of any incontent people who wear diapers "on and off 24/7" at times lol.

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    I'm not a peon - I'm a fruit! *cries*


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