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Thread: When did you start to associate in the fandom? How did you get into the babyfur community?

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    Post When did you start to associate in the fandom? How did you get into the babyfur community?

    I have been a furry/babyfur for about 3 years now. It really influences my life, and is a part of my personality. The thing is though, I stumbled upon the fandom completely accidentally. I was wondering if anybody would share their stories on how they got introduced to the fandom.

    My story is a little complicated... I when I was 15, I was browsing the Internet for diaper pictures. I stumbled across a site called diaperedanime. I saw alot of cute pictures and diaper stories. I saw that there was one artist called babyelliot. I browsed her gallery and found a picture of a little tiger cub playing video games in a diaper. I thought it was the cutest thing ever! So I eventually started watching diaper anime videos on youtube, but then I noticed a video in the side tab. It was a "little furs" video by Pandr. I clicked it and fell in love with these so called babyfurs. I messaged the uploader. I asked him what are babyfurs. He told me the gist of it, and introduced me to the fandom. He linked me to Furaffinity and thus starting my journey into the furry fandom.

    So that's my story, wonder if anyone else has an interesting story on how they joined the fandom :3

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    I actually found out about AB/DLism through the furry fandom. I'd always been interested in diapers, like, I got in early. My first memories of wanting to be back in diapers come in from about the 4-5 year old range, and they never went away. I never bothered to google adult baby diapers, or anything along those lines, I guess it never occurred to me. Anyway, so one day my father and I watched Pulp Fiction together, one of his favorite movies, and, afterwards, I decided to read up on the movie on wikipedia, and, get this, in the related pages section was something labled 'furry fandom'. Weird, eh? Anyway, so I did a bit of reasearch, came across Anthrocon, some of the more famous furries, etc, and, eventually stumbled upon furaffinity. I went through a breif faze where I became a furry hater/troll, and eventually found the infamous 'god hates furries' video, and, in particular, one of the users who posted a reply. He was a furry named Tori Belliachi (now Alexander Grey), who totally astounded me with his intelligence, reason, and critical thinking. I decided to give the fandom another chance, went through a period in which I made up a whole imaginary fiction of what a furry convention was like (totally laughable, I'll detail it if you like), before eventually buckling to inevitability in my local public library one afternoon and making a Furaffinity account. It was that same day that I first used the site's browse function to find 'babyfur' artwork. Man, I've come a long way, and I've never regretted a second of it =3.

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