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Thread: My other post closed, so my wife finished my onesie

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    Default My other post closed, so my wife finished my onesie

    Just to let you know, my wife finished my onesie. It fits nice too. She made the pattern on her own. She's going to make a few more and they will only get better. I would post a pic, but since it's white, a little see through due to the polyester and spandex material I'm not sure if that's ok. Hope all you adisc'ers are having happy holidays

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    Congrats! Better give her a big hug lol. Cant wait to see some pics

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    Congrats on the custom onesie. As for pictures, you could hang it on a hanger and take pictures that way. Another option is to wear a dark matterial underneath such as black spandex pants or shorts and a black t-shirt. The second option (with long spandex pants) is frequently used when people model some medical items normally used on an undressed or diapered patient.

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