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Thread: Hello, I'm back!!

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    Default Hello, I'm back!!

    Hello I'm Siege89 my friends call me Siege. If your reading this then I'll consider you a friend for now, so plz feel free to call me Siege. Also this is turned into a long one. If its TL; DR then Hi

    You may have noticed I joined this site in 2009 or so. I ended up moving a few times for work/new job. And I had to give up a lot of "who I am/was/wanted to be" because of the job/career. I worked in the oil/gas field's from Arkansas, to Colorado, North Dakota twice, and even in northern Canada. Living out of a hockey bag is rough. And it's hard to have privacy when you share a hotel because you move so much.

    But now things are going steady in my life. I have a job I love, it's also in doors what a plus. Able to play Xbox with friends online again(don't have a one yet). Started reading again, started the Terry Goodkind ~ Sword of Truth again getting ready for the book.

    But Ttyl, was nice to meet and share. I'm sure you'll see a lot of me around.

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    Not sure if we met so to speak but any ways welcome back Siege.

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