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    I just picked up a bag of attends briefs I just love the feel of this these diapers its the bulkyest diaper I've ever worn and I love the plastic on the outside of it it feels good against your legs and the noise constantly reminds you that your wearing em........ hopfully I won't have problems with the tapes on them this time but I want sum bulkyer and noiser diapers there just hard to find for me

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    They're not bad for a middle of the road diaper with their 6 tapes. I used to use them but gave up on them last summer. After about four hours they would start clumping up and I would have to change.
    I still have three packs around that I need to donate to Goodwill.

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    One brief lasted all day at work. I wish I still had the package I bought.

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    There are diapers with more bulk to be had but you won't see many of them on the same shelf with Attends. I look for them as a close runner-up when funds don't allow for a bag of Abena M4

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    Hi there
    I also wear Attends (slip) and right now I find that they fulfil my DL needs. Best I have found on the high street so far.

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    Attends aren't really that good compared to dry's, m4's and x pluses. IF your impressed by them you'll be amazed when you get some really good ones.

    I'd say the attends with waistband compare to a tape on depends.

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    I liked their wide crotch and relative bulk. They seemed to have more paper fluff than absorbent gell so they were 'fluffier' when dry. Modern diapers feel thin to me thought they swell up more when wet. The older attends led to a nice 'feeling diapered' sensation that no doubt many products do their utmost to avoid.

    As to functionality, they were not that great, but that isn't the most important factor to me.

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