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Thread: collars to bed?

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    Default collars to bed?

    For the. Past few weeks I've been wearing my collar to bed and I would like to know if any other furries do so too.

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    I've always been to worried to, not that someone may come in but that it might get caught and choke me lol

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    I wear my collar to bed quite often actually. Its something that is pretty much the norm for me so it feels funny when i don't.

    As far as the safety aspect, they are pretty safe and unlikely to catch on anything. So long as they are done up correctly (that being that is it snug to your neck but not to the point of chocking you) then it doesn't really have an ability to catch on anything. I actually recently change to a new collar but my old one (which i still have) had the spikes around most of it and whilst they weren't sharp at all they never caught on anything when i was sleeping.

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    i love wearing my collar to bed when i can, it feels so nice and i sleep much easier when i do. i normal wear my collar pretty tite around my neck but for sleep i loosen it up a notch or 2.

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    With the exception of work I have a collar on 24/7. Doesn't matter to me. Its who I am

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    I don't wear mine to bed because of the steel spikes....

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    I almost always wear my collar to bed, gives me an extra sense of security. Have to be careful though, I was so used to wearing them to bed when I woke up late once I took off straight to work and forgot I was wearing it.

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    I used to wear my old collar to bed. but then for some reason i stopped wearing my collar all toghether. I have a new one but don't wear it very often

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    I do this sometimes, as I don't have much of a chance to wear mine during the day. I do worry about the safety aspect though, like if the pointy part you put through the hole came undone and poked me in the neck >_<

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    I wear my CPAP mask to bed, so I go to bed muzzled. Mwuf, mwuf!

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