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    I have read through other topics posted but I still can't find the overall wiki some mention about diaper comparison, so I'd like to get the thickest diaper (especially when wet/used) that I can and i'm posted in the US. I have tried dry 24 7 and bellissimo but the problem is there out of stock and I dont' want to over pay on ebay. So what would some suggestions be?

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    A couple of options are the Abena M4 and the Tena Slip Maxi. The Abena is a thick diaper on it's own. The Tena Slip Maxi is a little thinner but swells up quite a bit when wet. I use both of them to replace the Dry 24/7
    along with the Abena M3.

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    I Use the boosters from XP Medical along with a Bambino diaper, it's thick.

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    If you don't mind washing, I use a small white bath towel folded inside of my nappy, due to bed wetting I use this each night and like the padding

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    Diaper boosters are awesome for adding thickness. The Abena Maxi's and North Shore Care 2XL boosters both add bulk and thickness nicely. The Abena ones fit between the leak guards and seem to have fewer leaks. The North Shore ones I bought are not sized for medium and large diapers so that may be why I had leaks. Have not purchased the smaller ones yet.

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    abena is supposed to be on par with dry 24/7, from experience i know the m4 is a very thick diaper dry, or wet.

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    I like the bambino bellisimo. In my opinion they are the thickest diaper and super comfy

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