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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times but what does everyone reckon is the most noisiest Diaper/Nappy out today? For me personally I love a Diaper/ nappy which has a great crinkle, I love to know I'm wearing a diaper/nappy.

    I used to wear the Comficare nappies and they were awesome for crinkle but have read they have changed their plastic backing to a quieter option, and they have only started a new production run, so got to wait and see if they are any good or not!

    Anyone out there that can give some good recommendations in the mean time?

    I'm living in the UK.

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    The noisiest diaper I've ever tried were the old depends fitted briefs. They were plastic backed with 3 tapes per side. Like wearing a plastic bag.

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    Too me that would be awesome!!! Not good for going outside in public but great in your own home!!! Do they still make them?

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    The Cuddlz brand of nappies is quite noisy. They use a thick layer of plastic on them so it rustles like crazy.

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