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    Cool Brony merch

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    Just realized how much pony stuff I have.
    What kind of brony stuff do you guys have?

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    I don't have any pictures at the moment, but I do own a fair deal of Brony merchandise:

    A fair deal of blind bag toys (maybe around 15 or so).
    A fair deal of T-shirts (perhaps around 10).
    A "BRONY" bracelet.
    A fair deal of pony figures (the $5 to $7 ones at Target)
    A pair of Rainbow Dash swim trunks.
    A few buttons.
    A few plushies.

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    My prized possession is a painting of "Twilight Sparkle 2012" that I bought online. Beyond that, I have a shirt, a wall scroll, and a number of blindbag figs.

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    i just recently broke down and watched the show to see what all the hype is about, knowing i would fall in love and i did. I don't currently own anything pony related, but I've already scoured the web looking at and taking note of all sorts of items that i would like to have for christmas or my birthday shortly thereafter. I'm definitely getting the two pairs of rainbow dash boxers that I've found, there are about 7 t-shirts I've found on that i really want and im planning to get at least one. There's a very cool rainbow dash wallet out there that has a tail that im gonna get. There's a couple keychains that i really want, a coffee mug that im considering and im also considering a plushie/beaniebaby and vinyl fig of rainbow dash.

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    About 5 Comics, 7 shirts, a vinyl figure, about 8 blindbags, 5 posters, a mouse pad, 12+ drawings, a sweat shirt, a wallet and an ipod case.

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    I have the heart shaped balloon with all the ponies on it and the one shaped like Rainbow Dash and I often cuddle with the rainbow Dash one in nothing but my diaper and it is awesome!

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