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    I'm trying to find small diapers for the boyfriend and for the life of me I cannot. I checked ABU, Bambino and XP Medical. He's also more DL than AB. Does anyone have any hints/tips/suggestions as to where I may find some and what would be a good diaper? Thanks much!

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    What waist size are you looking for? If absorbency is not a major concern, you can use goodnites or underjams. Tranquility also makes extra smalls which go down to 18" waist (again not great absorbency). I know finding small diapers can be difficult as most diapers fall between child and larger adult (I sometimes have the same problem as I wear smaller diapers). Another option to consider would be cloth. You have more flexibility in sizing if you make your own or have them custom ordered. Even if you just buy standard cloth diapers, you can adjust how you fold them to fit him better. There are plenty of cloth diapers available and some manufactures like Babykins offer nice printed diapers.

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    Do you have some different than usual definition of "small"? Because XPmedical has plastic backed tenas in small that are pretty awesome. They also have plastic backed molicares in small, which are decent.

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    Tranquility by far has the most extensive line of sizes. I'd be surprised if you can't find a variety of Tranquility diaper that doesn't fit you. Abena also has a small, but Abenas tend to run big IMO so their small may be more like a medium. Depends small/medium and Unique wellness medium run on the small side, too. But if you could give us a waist measurement that would help us find a better match for you.

    This is more for my own interest, since I wear a small, but does anyone know how big Bambinos/Secure Plus mediums run? According their website's measurements they seem pretty gargantuan for a medium, and they don't make smalls anymore.

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    I am going to copy and paste what I said to someone else:

    Personally I like small tena max slips right now. They swell nicely for a dl. Whenever Dry 24/7 starts making diapers again it might also be good to look into their smalls.


    Small Molicare Super Plus:

    *quiet outer plastic
    *No swelling with the smalls
    * 2 tape system
    *Should be good for public wearing *again this is the size small not mediums*
    *5th absorbent small
    *This diaper is really comfy. This diaper is great to wear wet or dry. *for abdls though, they might not like the whole "NO SWELLING" thing though. I know I don't >.> *


    North shore care: Pack/14 $19.25

    XP medical: pack/14 $14.95

    Absorbency: 16 oz

    Overstock: case of 56 for $46.49

    Now this diaper in smalls has a bunch of great deals normally. I once got a 4 pack for 25 dollars. They are also cheap for a case on . That is one of the reasons I still even buy them.

    Small Tena slip maxi:

    *The plastic is louder than Molicare, but still quiet under jeans
    *Top swelling small diaper*Swells enough to where you know you are wearing a diaper, but is still walk able around in under jeans.*
    *1st most absorbent diaper
    *really expensive
    Cost: *I would not buy these from bambino they cost way too much from them*

    Xpmedical: pack/24 $33.95

    Bambino: pack/24 $42.00

    Absorbency: Not sure but I feel it is the most absorbent. I can stay in just one of these all day and be ok.

    Small Tranquility Smart-core:

    *cloth like outer shell
    * Very quiet
    *Refastanable tapes
    *Swells some to where you know you are wearing, but still good enough to walk around in public
    *4th most absorbent small diaper.
    *really cheap to buy


    North Shorecare: Pack/10 $8.69

    Absorbency: 18 oz

    I just tried these and they are actually decent. The main killer for me is it's cloth backed. I would recommend these though, because they are one of the few cloth backed diapers I have tried where it did not stretch and the tapes where good. I will probably buy these again, only because I rather have higher absorbency and swelling then a low absorbent diaper that doesn't swell at all. I just wish they had a plastic version. LET US CHOOSE. Also these are great for public use, for some abdls. Its doesn't get big enough for people to tell your wearing, but you do actually notice the diaper. By that I mean when it swells it does enough swelling to where it causes no waddling, but you know you have a diaper on. This diaper would be great for both abdls and IC people in my opinion.

    Small Tranquility ATNS:

    *Has option of plastic of cloth like outer shell
    *T His diaper has a lot of crinkles
    *This diaper does swell, but has a really gushy feeling to it,
    *3rd most absorbent small diaper.
    *Cheap to buy

    North shorecare care: Pack/10 $8.79

    Absorbency: 22 oz
    *NOTE:the size on these are extremely weird. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAMPLES, before you make a final decision. Seeing as you have a 29" wasit you might not like how these fit.

    Small Abena s4's premium:

    *Only in cloth *
    *this is a quiet diaper.
    *This diaper barely swells, and really does not feel that good when wet.
    *2nd most absorbent small diaper.
    *Ok price


    North shorecare: pack/22 $26.99

    Xpmedical: Pack/22 $23.95

    Absorbency: 24 oz *but the diaper wicks the liquid outside of the diaper, meaning you will have damp underwear, when you go to change.*


    * These have HORRIBLE TAPES!!!! The tapes come loose a lot, and the fabric on this diaper stretches like crazy*
    *If you get these make sure you are wearing plastic pants. I really do not recommend this diaper, in all honesty I would avoid this one, but you can order a sample, Just to see if you like it. The plastic backed diaper version of this diaper used to be the best small diaper out there.


    *there medium diaper is more of a size small
    *This diaper is really meant for abdls
    *Highly absorbent and really thick
    *soft plastic
    * It’s basically like a fuse between dry24/7 and Molicare
    *not discreet and is mainly a night time diaper
    *They were cheap
    *ONE PROBLEM!!!!!! THEY ARE NO LONGER SOLD IN THE USA. You will need to order these overseas if you want them, I also think they are linked with dry24/7, because they both went down at the same time and they are still technically down.

    Final words:

    So I leave the decision up to you, but like I said I would just go for mediums at that waist size. You get your money’s worth, and are not left with companies ignoring you.


    I talked to them and he said he hates how there are not really any good plastic backed smalls anymore. He is just waiting for the business to take off. I would love to see a bunch of people support this company, because every other companies just seems to not care.

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    Thanks for the info everyone! I believe all of our definitions are in sync! The only non printed diapers I've ever bought for myself were M4s so when I couldn't find S4s I had no idea what would be a good brand with a small diaper. Thanks again everyone!

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    Im in the same boat as well for some reason no company make a decent small diaper. Truthfully the best I have found absorbency wise is g.oon super big from japan but you need to be a 27in waist to properly fit them. Ive been wanting to try tena youth as its supposed to go upto 29in waist and is technically a tena slip that cost half of the actual slips from xp.

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