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Thread: Looking for the poofiest, crinkliest, softest nappy

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    Default Looking for the poofiest, crinkliest, softest nappy

    Hey everyone! I've been a dl / ab for a long time, but the only nappies I ever bought were the easiest-to-acquire retail ones. Needless to say I haven't been spoiled in that regard. But that's going to come to an end! I want to order some online, and I'd love to hear some recommendations.

    Personally, I love poofy nappies; the kind that I couldn't get away with wearing in public. I also love the crinkles! And a soft bum makes any day magical. Share your thoughts!

    P.S. I'm a 32" waist if that helps.

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    I've had good luck with both Molicare and Abena, but I must admit that overall, I preferred the molicare diapers.

    I've heard a lot of people say that Bambino diapers are very poofy, and the cute designs are an added bonus!


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    Well I have a 32" waist (roughly)... and the thickest, crinkliest diapers I've worn have been the plastic-backed Abena M4, Comfisure and Kolibri Komslip... The Cuddlz/Bambino Biancos from a few years ago (I haven't tried them recently) are good too, but don't fit me that well -- there's always a bit of a gap round the leg cuffs at the front... :-/

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    As tiny mentioned above, Cuddlz Shop may be your best bet for the UK market. I would recommend the 'Drydayz White Adult Nappy', and they are other options if you are looking for a nappy geared towards the AB market.

    Here is the link: Cuddlz Shop.

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    Default Looking for the poofiest, crinkliest, softest nappy

    Bambinos (specifically the bellisimos) are so obnoxiously puffy hiding them is usually pretty much impossible. Also, because they have what is probably the highest SAP ratio of any diaper out there, they also swell up a ton. Hiding a wet bambino is not easy.

    They aren't crazy crinkly even though they are plastic backed , but they can Definitely be heard.

    They are however, without a doubt probably the softest diapers in existence. At least the inner padding is.

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    I like the bambino brand for how soft and sturdy they are, though they run small... I ordered the large size as they weren't making them in XL yet. Large is supposed to be 44 to 58 inches for waist/hip and I wear size 48 pants. These were very difficult to tape because the wings overlapped at the sides instead of the front. I later ordered the XL, and they weren't much better for fit. I can say they were responsive to the messages I sent to them, until I started asking for my money back that is. For me, the Abena X-Plus line is the best. Try to find it with the plastic backing instead of the cloth though, the cloth has weak "stretch" tabs that break easily and let the diaper fall easily.

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    I would say Bambinos or Cuddlz (while ive never tried cuddlz, i assume they are the European version of Bambinos as bambinos may be difficult to acquire in europe without sacrificing some sort of animal to the gods of money). Bambino has a good ratio of thickness, softness and crinkle. Especially since the more you wear a bambino, the crinklier it gets.

    Also as mentioned by others, they swell when wet so they just get even BIGGER when you wet them, and the outside plastic is soft. but if i had to split the most of the most, i would say the following:

    Thickest(affordable) - Abena M4
    Thickest(pricey) - Fabines

    Crinkliest(affordable)- Cushies
    Crinkliest(pricey) - Aww So Cute Diapers

    Softest (affordable) - Bambinos
    Softest (pricey) - Aww So Cute Diapers

    Most Absorbant (affordable) - Abena M4
    Most Absorbant (Pricey) - Fabines

    However, there are plenty of diapers out there waiting to be tried

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