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Thread: In need of a new day time diaper

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    Default In need of a new day time diaper

    I've been using TotalDry Plus for several months now as my day time diaper. Imagine my surprise when my last case came in. And I mean last... the change to the diaper are quite annoying. Bottom tapes tear off. The padding is more compressed and stiff. The landing zone is some kind of rigid uncomfortable plastic. And the plastic backing is just, different in some undescribly bad way. Very upseting, becasue it was a good day time diaper and I could order them along with my night diapers from Bambino.

    Anyway... to my question. I need something simular for daytime use. I really don't know what to get. I need something comfortable, plastic backed. I can not stand cloth, breathable diapers. They leak, and the material rubs my inner thigh raw. An waistband would be nice, but not many diapers have those anymore. So, suggestions?


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    I've heard good things about tena slip maxi's, or maybe molicare comfort plus?

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    Tenas have already gone cloth in many countries and those that haven't yet will be doing so soon.

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    Try the Unique Wellness Superio briefs, i ordered a sample pack and loved them. Though i prefer to stick with the TotalDry Plus, I guess i like their new changes or maybe i tried them after they already implemented the changes but i was gonna suggest those xD i love em. Otherwise i use cushies or super dry kids as my daytime diapers.

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    I suppose I could give the Unique Wellness Superio a try. I've used the normal ones before. Was a great diaper, if a bit on the pricy side. Then the quality seemed to fall off. And I'm looking for something a little thinner, for day time use. I plan on sticking with Bambinos for night time and fun stuff. Just annoyed I am looking for a new diaper. And looking, and looking... Why is it so hard to find a decent plastic diaper anymore?

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