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Thread: Greetings From the Mysterious North!

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    Default Greetings From the Mysterious North!


    My name is Sara and I'm six months old. I live with my mommy who is the bestest and most loving person I know and takes a good care of me.

    I live in Finland and I've been an AB for almost 10 years, ever since I first begged my mom to buy me a pack of diapers because I was too afraid to buy them myself. It was wonderful to have somerhing soft and babyish to have on but I guess you already know so I'm going to tell a little bit of myself.

    I'm 23 years old college graduate who currently works and tries to pump herself up for the uni entry exams next spring. I also enjoy playing guitar and I am in a music academy to master it. This upcoming winter will also be my 18th winter on a snowboard so I can be called as an enthusiast! ^^

    My favorite color is pink, just like my baby bottle or my paci.

    If you want to know more about me just ask! I won't bite, unless you bite me first.


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    Hi! Welcome come to ADSIC! I am DL from Hong Kong. Into diaper 24/7!

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    Welcome indeed! May I ask what subject you intend to study? I'm as well thinking of participating in some uni entry exams next spring, not so sure about the subject though. Btw I also live in Finland!

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    Yay Finland, home of Finn Family Moomintroll. Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the frozen north, where it's -30 this week. I just had a visit with some ab & dl & babyfurs out of town, it was jolly good fun.

    It's wonderful to hear you have such a wonderful, loving mommy. "THINK PINK"

    PS that's a clickable link

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