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    Hi I am Lucie, Im 20 years old and Im from center Europe.
    When I was 12 I started to have dreams about wetting and diapers. But I did nothing in reality. About year ago I just rediscovered this part of my sexuality and started wetting myself and later wearing diapers.
    I study horticulture (hopefully I will graduate this year). I love nature and trees, but I dont want to work with flowers actually. Now Im more in to creating something. I make jewelry and I draw and paint. I also love Osho, zen, and Im trying to develope psychically and spiritually .. I have also two rats Lola and Sheila and I love them soo much, speaking about it I love animals, especially rats, chimps and whales. My dream job is working with animals or making some art. Im also trying to become vegan, but Im too lazy and I just love food.
    So dont think I m just practicing joga and paint and eat tofu. I would love to!! But instead I smoke, eat ice-cream and procrastinate by watching films and playing with clay and brushes. Hopefully I will start to work on myself one day soon.

    I guess its quite all about me.

    Ps: Im sorry for my english

    ps2: Being adult baby or wearing diapers or whatever is naturall and completely normal. I will never be ashamed for it and everyone should know that judging people for being themselves is stupid and immature.

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    Hi lucie, welcome to adisc that was a great introduction I myself could not become vegan for I enjoy my steak too much :-) I hope you enjoy being a part of this community.

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    It seems that finally there is somebody new from our small central europen country There are not so many of us, so I'm glad to see you here and "Vtej Lucko" (in Czech: Welcome here, Lucie).


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    wow, :-D You revealed my nationality. I really didnt expect someone from Czech here.

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    Yeah, it seemed very unlikely. But finally it happended. Anyway, do have you any personal knowledge of AB/DL people in our country?

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