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Thread: Accidents & Leaks

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    Default Accidents & Leaks

    I'm new here [adult male]

    I'm incontinent, but the degree varies quite a bit, and I don't always wear diapers. Often I get by with just a guard, and sometimes I don't need anything at all.

    But that means that occasionally I'll get into a situation where the guard isn't enough, and it starts to leak. Or I'll be without any protection at all, thinking that I didn't really need it, but find myself unable to hold it due to bad planning or some unpredictable chain of events.


    I'd be interested to hear from others who have had this experience.


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    Butterfly Mage


    Generally, I'd probably recommend using one absorbancy higher than you really need -- just to be on the safe side.

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    Yeah, or just make sure you always have at least a guard on, just in case.

    I would say here, if you expect there to be problems, go for more protection than you expect to need, and if you think you'll be fine, just wear the minimum just in case you do need it.

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    I suggest Abena Supers. They're not too thick, and they're very dependable.

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    You can always uses other diapers as stuffers or find stuffers or additional padding. Tranquility has them, as does Abena.

    Lot's of *B/Dl use baby diapers and trim them in a way they do a wonderful job of acting as additional padding. I've heard a few can pull back the plastic outside from the padding in the diaper and slip a baby diaper in between, then it shows the print of the baby diaper through. Kinda neat.

    Others will make slits on the inner adult diaper (usually one that is a lower quality diaper) then wear another adult diaper over top the inner diaper. Some like to see how many they can wear at once (some I've heard have worn 6 or more disposables) and then keep them on till all diapers are completely soaked.

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    Im kinda in the same boat as u, except my issues usually go with how my back is doing. i've gone a few months with out hardly and accidents and then all of the sudden i mess up my back and im back in them again. Ive also had to figure out the hard way that you should always wear a higher absorbency than what you think you'll need lol. Plus the higher absorbency usually means that i have to change less often, which is fine by me lol.

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    Default Accidents & Leaks

    Truth is that I don't mind the occasional accident...

    depends on who I'm with, but I've gotten used to it

    if it happens, it happens

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    have you tryed pullups they are like regular underware but hld a lot if you have an accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohio_Male View Post
    Truth is that I don't mind the occasional accident...

    depends on who I'm with, but I've gotten used to it

    if it happens, it happens
    I've had urge incontinence all my life and too many accidents to remember. I've learned over the years to wear the best protection you can afford because it's far less stressful. I also have occasional bowel incon and that is much worse with inadequate protection. There are times though when I wear nothing but a pull-up (at home or playing sports, for instance).

    In my opinion, it's really no fun being in a public place and overflowing your cheap diaper (been there, done that).

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