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Thread: Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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    Default Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

    I hope everyone here on ADISC has a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving and that their travels are safe. As for me; I'm going across town to a friends' place because I wish to avoid the family problems that happened last Christmas. I swore off my family and the holidays for good. I do not want to deal with the stress and problems that come with family holidays within my family.

    So- for the past five years I've been going over to a friends' for Thanksgiving where at least I know football will be on, beer will be flowing and there will be a GIANT turkey for dinner rather than a ham- always preferred turkey over ham myself...

    I hope everyone has a wonderful and awesome Thanksgiving whether they're with friends or family... I know I made a similar post last year but I could not resist doing so again!!!!


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    I wish all of my fellow ADISC'ers a happy and joyful Thanksgiving.

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    I wish you all great thanksgiving and urge everyone to be cautious of Black Friday, a lot of crazy people.

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    Thanks WildThing. My wife and I will be with our oldest son and his family. We're actually cooking the turkey and the pumpkin pies. It's only a mile or two to his house so the bird doesn't have far to fly. We all get along well, so there won't be any tension, just fun. Our daughter and son-in-law are with his parents this year, and our other son is with his girlfriend and her parents. His football team is in the state playoffs, so he'll have football practice on Thursday.

    We'll all get together for Christmas, which will be nice.

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    Yes, happy Thanksgiving Statesiders, hope you all have a wonderful celebration. For us at the bottom end of the globe it'll probably just be another dull day. I guess I'll have to try and be more optimistic there, that feels better.

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