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Thread: People without ANY fetishes?

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    Default People without ANY fetishes?

    I was wondering if there are people in this world that have absolutely no fetishes whatsoever.

    Background: I was having a conversation with my wife the other day(she knows about my AB/DL, does not participate). I asked her outright if she has any desires, strange or otherwise. She said no. I pushed. She insisted, no.

    I know for a fact that my wife is extremely repressed about sexual things. It took years for her to even talk about specifics. She has a hard time telling me what she likes. It makes it difficult to give her the things she wants. With that, I was wondering if she really has no hidden desires, or if she refuses to admit to anything that would be deemed 'different'?

    Obviously, I have asked and get no response from her. So I repeat and rephrase, has anyone run into a person that is 100% kink free? Or are most people in denial and unwilling to admit to things, even to themselves?

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    I'd say everyone has something specific...

    Now if you call it a fetish or not is another question.

    Also most people do deny or repress these desires and feel they are are wrong for having them...

    Every group even the church tells people they are wrong for thinking different...

    So that's my two cents...

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    It's pretty hard to even nail down what constitutes a fetish, but I think it's certainly possible.

    As society in general relaxes a bit on sexuality, the line between fetish and just preferences in a vanilla context is just going to get blurrier and blurrier (good example would be leather.. seen as sexy by a large number of people whom one wouldn't likely consider having a "leather fetish").

    Personally though, I don't think it really matters. Sexual repression matters, but blocking stuff into fetish and non-fetish doesn't.

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    I would think that most people don't. We may have trouble accepting that because we know and understand that which we feel. When I was living an exclusively gay lifestyle while in college, most of my friends were gay. There was a number of them that were convinced that everyone was gay, they just didn't realize it yet. I always thought this was nonsense. I think the same is true about fetishes. It's all we know, because we've had it in one manifestation or another, for our lifetime, but to assume others share similar feelings under the umbrella of Paraphilia isn't logical. That would be like thinking everyone was bi-polar because I was bi-polar.

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    One really interesting thing with fetishes is (and there may be some selection bias happening here along what dogboy said) a large number of people who have one seem to have several. I for one seem to have a huge and ever growing list.

    So either:
    - having one is a kind of "gateway", exposing one to other things they wouldn't have been exposed to and putting them in a more fetish-minded er, minedset
    - whatever chunk of the brain goes defective to give you one fetish makes you susceptible to others

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    Well, as I am asexual, I don't really have "fetishes". I do have various interests and preferences. Sooo do I count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteamingBullet View Post
    Well, as I am asexual, I don't really have "fetishes". I do have various interests and preferences. Sooo do I count?
    I'm asexual and I have tons of fetishes. They just don't involve other humans.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty positive that most people in the world don't have fetishes. They may have some preferences but they are overall vanilla and will pretty much fantasize about and engage in vanilla stuff only. This was true of just about everyone I dated, sadly for me!

    But what IS a fetish, you know? Something like, say, chest size on a woman, is this a fetish or a preference? To ME, at least, this is a preference. There's nothing weird about liking a woman's body. Something I consider a fetish would be something that is sort of out of the normal sphere of sex. Diapers, obviously, as most here are DL's, we'd recognize as being out of the normal sex range. You don't just usually run into diapers while browsing through naughty vanilla sites. You kind of have to go out of your way.

    I agree with what dogboy said. It's hard to imagine people who don't have secret kinks and desires in the bedroom because most of us here have a pretty big secret. But it's probably true nonetheless that most people just like the usual fair. I can assume so based on my own experiences! You'd think guys would be more willing to come clean about a fetish after finding out a couple of their girlfriend's. But, nope, they just were vanilla guys. That's fine. No fun for me, but fine!

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    I think everyone has a little something. It's just unlocking it that is the question.

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    Being asexual is your fetish :p

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