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Thread: The Enjoyment Paradox?

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    Default The Enjoyment Paradox?

    It's fairly common that most DLs enjoy wearing a full diaper, or almost, at the point of being soggy and with that squish we all know.

    Now this is great, love it, but does it bother anyone else that now you're kinda stuck should you need to pee again? Here's the example, you get home and god you have to go. You diaper up, trying to hold it and let 'er rip, bit by bit so as not to flood and leak. Again this is all fun and good but as you keep going the diaper begins to swell and fill up. At this point it's warm squishy and very comfortable but you still have to go... Here's the annoying part! This is how some of us find it most comfortable!

    What do you guys do now? If you change, you have to start over. If you keep going, it'll leak. Etc. Same is true in the mornings. It's full, it's super comfortable but not useable...

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    I always just empty the rest of my bladder in the toilet when that happens. Seems like the only reasonable option besides suffering with a full bladder or leaking everywhere, really.

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    It depends on the diaper and what I'm up to. If I'm wearing a low capacity diaper, it will probably only take one good wetting. I might change right then or just before I need to go again. That varies by activities. If it's something more serious, I will have had plenty of time to enjoy the diaper, and it's time for a change.

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    omg its like you know me, and i usually either just take it off, or put plastic pants on so if it leaks it wont go everywhere :3

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    I just wear something with a high absorbency level and usually add a stuffer and plastic pants to it so I get to enjoy various degrees of squishyness before it starts to leak and needs to be changed When such a diaper is saturated I've generally been long enough into it that I don't mind changing into a fresh one ^^

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    I'll un do one tape and use the toilet if I plan on wearing the diaper much longer as in the middle of the night or just flood it to leakage when I get up and will have to take it off shortly anyway.

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    Depends on the diaper. If it's a special one that I'm really enjoying, but has no more capacity, I'll do as others have suggested and pee in the toilet by going over the waistband. If it has more capacity, I'll pee slowly to fill it up. If it's soaked, I may decide to change into a fresh one, and yes, start over.

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    I'll often shower after changing, so sometimes if it's full and I have to go, I'll stand in the shower and empty my bladder into the full diaper first before taking it off and turning the shower on. It doesn't matter if it leaks in that case.

    I also tried a pack of abena pull-ups recently, and those were surprisingly fun. They have capacity close to that of a real diaper, leak guards, etc. and the best part about them was that they could easily be pulled down like normal underwear in order to use the toilet as normal.

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    some times I sit on the toilet and pee till it leaks, that way any leaking goes in to the toilet, but then you do need to put a clean one on, but you can sit there and enjoy it with out getting your clothing wet.
    I haven't done it but you could sit on a bed pad and leak to, using a wet diaper is not the problem cleaning up a leak is.

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    Booster pads. When you reach critical wetness, swap out one or two boosters or just add more, to gain extra capacity for another wetting. No need to untape or otherwise disturb your squishy comfort. I like to change often for freshness, so tend to have the opposite situation of not getting wet enough for maximum entertainment value before changing. To combat this I sometimes pre-wet my nappy by sprinkling evenly with perhaps 500ml of warm water, which has the added benefit of diluting urine on the skin-facing surface, reducing irritation potential. I wouldn't waste capacity in this way when wearing out and about though, only when thickly padded at home for pleasure.

    I'll un do one tape and use the toilet
    This conjured up a funny image of a new concept in diaper tech: A zipper on the front for easier toilet access!

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