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Thread: Finally got more diapers

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    Cool Finally got more diapers

    I just ordered the 30 count case of goodnites boys lg-XL off of and they were delivered today I'm so happy now I have diapers again I can wear I also have a paci which I sleep with sometimes and I have a sippy cup that I really don't use but tonight I will sleep like a baby(I just worked 10 hours, I am referring to the phrase sleep like a baby) but I actually will be wearing a diaper and have a paci I would Definately suggest buying some goodnites

    Also I was wondering I do work at an warehouse and I don't know if I should wear a diaper to work considering that it's 10 hours and my brother works with me and I won't be carrying an extra diaper for diaper changes so I would use the potty what do you guys think

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    Goodnites are my favorite to and if you have a CVS or a Kroger I recommend their store brand versions also . They're just like Goodnites except they're plain white.

    As for wearing at work I wouldn't risk it unless you're for sure you can go without being caught and can handle the work conditions while wearing.

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