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    Hi im new here and just have a quick question which is why I signed up on here to look for answers.

    hi I have a quick question. so I wear diapers for medical reasons and I actually get them for free right now through Dr prescribtion but my problem is the place I get them from gives me a bran called nu-fit and its the only brand they have and they pretty much suck and don't work well.

    I tried abena diapers out of pocket expense form an online purchase and they were like the best ones that ever worked for me so far.

    so basically my question is I know they arent covered by insurance becus its from a "abdl" website but can you like get reienbursment for them or something if I bought abena from xp medical websiite or even the plain white diaper from Bambino which I Havent tried yet.

    Like can you get discounts or something if anything??? Its not cheap buying them out of pocket but for now I stick with the free ones they give me.

    Also if you guys don't know can you reccomend any brands you might use for bed wetting issues, that are practical?


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    Hi MsLilBit

    like you I have IC and bedwetting issues...
    Now I don't know about the exact situation in the US, but I guess in this regard it can not be that different.
    Your insurance should cover a CERTAIN AMOUNT ($) and NOT a specific brand.
    For us here (switzerland and most of europe) the amount you are "given" depends on the grade of incontinence ... for example Bedwetting is almost never covered - or only through a lot of hassle...
    And with day-time ic the insurance provider will have to cover a certain amount worth of ic-supplies.

    However it's important to buy the stuff from places that know how to fill on forms, receipts, etc...
    So I guess XP-Medical is fine...

    Your best option would be to discuss this briefly in advance with your insurance provider - they can not force you to stick with a specific product. However they might refuse to cover the entire premium cost.
    So in your case if for example the Abenas are 0.8$ more expensive than the nu-things (don't know them or the price) - than they can insist that you cover that difference.

    I found that by watching WHAT I drink / eat and how I drink I can get a moderate "control" over my issues to the point where during the day I can get away with thin pads (tena comfort) or thin diapers (usually Attends M8 or M9 or Tena Slip Plus)... and at night an Attends M10 is quite sufficient.

    basically avoid caffeinated stuff, sodas, alcoholics, some teas,... drink frequently and small quantities (ie. stay hydrated)... your body can't really use anything above 0.2l every hour or so anyhow... so if you gulp down that half gallon of coke in one go... it's just got to go somewhere... ;/

    Aside from that, product choice is really individual and a matter of trial and sadly some error along the road.

    For me as mentioned:
    daytime: pads or thin diapers, unless I know I can't really change.
    I change frequently and stop by the toilet like every 2 hours at least and try to void naturally... this way there's never that much urine left to need THICK protection during the day.
    Sometimes I wear so called condom-catheters ("texas catheters") and leg bags... a bit of a hassle, and I guess no option for a women anyhow..

    During the night I usually wear an Attends slip M10.. (regular or Super... depending on where you buy them).
    They're pretty "thin" but enough for my needs. and I like their all-cloth side panels... far less sweaty.

    Aside from them I found the Tena Slip series to be quite good.

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