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Thread: holycrapholycrapholycrap

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    Default holycrapholycrapholycrap

    my mom and i's memory cards got mixed up somehow


    I found out through my sister who knows.

    I'm so scared. i dont even know what to do or think

    there were also sexy pictures n there for my boyfriend (no diaperrs)

    holy shit

    what the fuck do i do

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    You might as well just confront her about it...Otherwise you'll be delaying the inevitable

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    Tell her your a big girl now and can be the little girl / sexy girl that you want to be.

    Be not ashamed!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    You might as well just confront her about it...Otherwise you'll be delaying the inevitable
    or most parents wont even bother to bring up such a private matter with their adult kids. if worst comes to worse, explain that you're safe but that she really shouldn't be prying. there's no reason to come clean about everything.

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    You follow all the advice you heard about people finding out. ^^;
    And delete diaper pics off of memory cards, for future reference, I guess.
    All the best luck to you.

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    Your 19 a legal adult and wear diapers is pretty safe. Much safer then most anything else these days.

    Anyways I suggest you do nothing about it other then asking for your memory card('s) back. If she brings it up either tell her the truth or tell her its personal.

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    You might ask your mom if she has any questions, rather than volunteer too much information. See what she wants to know. I went through this with my mom when I was 21, and I survived. She was very conservative, and active in her church, etc. I think once she found the diapers and the gay porn, she had a pretty good picture. She also knew I was spending a lot of time with her newspaper boy, so she knew I was on shaky ground, so she took me to a shrink at a big state residence institution. After two visits I convinced her that I was who I was, I wasn't going to change, but I wasn't going to do anything stupid.

    Let's face it, we are complicated people, with our own set of quirks that makes getting along in life difficult. Your mom will have to re-learn who you are and accept you. I suspect she may have already had a clue. Sometimes we don't keep things as well hidden as we think.

    I wish you the best. No matter what, keep you cool, and try to explain as best you can.

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    I'm going to suggest that you abide by the advice given in the post above...

    "Keep your cool."

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    That is really unfortunate I wouldn't tell her more than she asks because chances are she's as awkward about this as you are. Just try and forget about it is what I would do.

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