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Thread: I am finally back!

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    Red face I am finally back!

    Sorry for wall of text! I can't remember how to indent on forums!
    I have been on here before but as it has been at least a year I think I should re-introduce myself. As I have stated I have been on here before but as I was not 18 yet I had to leave until then. As of today I am officially 18 and able to return. Since my leaving my range of interests has changed drastically. I have taken an interest in fire fighting and even started taking classes at my local skills center, I am still interested in computers and reading but fire fighting seems to be different and I am planning on sticking with this as a full time job when I am done with my classes. I am glad to be back with this wonderful community and hope to enjoy meeting some old faces (well not really faces) and meeting some new ones.

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    Welcome back, it is great to see more people return!
    I turned 18 and returned to the site as well, not quite as long as a wait as you though.

    Fire fighting? Such as with guns and such?

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    Welcome back Cavemans! I'm happy to see another one return. BTW happy birthday.

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    good to see you back seemed that we lost alot of really active members back when that rule was established. good to see some return.

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    Yes, welcome back. I'm always happy to see our younger members return.

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    Welcome back again, seems this site means quite alot to people when they had to leave due to an age restriction, but return the day that is not an issue anymore. Been on here a few months, that is the vibe I am getting from returnees, couldn't wait to re-join!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Yes, welcome back. I'm always happy to see our younger members return.
    And so say all of us (And so say all of us, and so say all of us.)

    Sorry for wall of text! I can't remember how to indent on forums!
    Screw the tab key, the one above the caps lock key, which goes back to the days of typewriters, and indents 5 spaces at the start of a paragraph. Raccoon is ancient and wizened (not the same thing as wisened) and knows how to use wax tablets as well as typewriters. Got taught in grade 3 in England.

    These days just hit "enter" and you'll drop the cursor one line so as to leave a 1 line space between paragraphs. I do.

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    And echoing the sentiments preceding...Welcome back! and Happy Birthday! We'll look forward to you getting settled in, and up and running here again!


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