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Thread: Purge Cycle

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    Default Purge Cycle

    Ok, I have a problem, I know being interested in diapers isn't wrong. But I will go through these phases where I think it is. It's getting annoying, can someone help me.

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    I think all you can really do is try to feel better about it in general, as opposed to justifying something with which you aren't comfortable. Know that it's a part of you and while the desire and even the way in which you express it may change over time, it probably isn't going to go away, any more than your likes of certain kinds of food or the like. When you're more accepting of yourself, losing interest in the short term shouldn't drive you to want to throw things out or think badly of yourself, you'll just spend your time doing something else.

    It's fine to like diapers and it's fine not to like them. It's going to be a work in progress. Good luck

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    Try not to throw out your stuff when you feel like purging. Just put it out of sight for the time being. This will save you hassle & money from having to buy new diapers!

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    Wheely has a strong point. When you don't need them, put them out of the way until you do. That will save a lot of money later.


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    The trick to managing the whole binge-purge cycle is to keep it from being too destructive- as far as I'm aware, there will always be times when you feel disinterested, or even repulsed by the whole *B/DL thing. However, this doesn't mean you should throw everything away.

    I'd follow Wheely's advice and put it out of sight and get on with other things- then when you are interested again, you don't have to start again from scratch, wasting your time and money.

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    Try not to overload too much in diapers. That will keep the purge at bay.

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    What has been said is absolutely true. If you have a place to store them away for awhile, I would do it! Try not to think about it for awhile. I assure you the urge to return eventually comes back.

    I think someone else has touched on it here, but the other is to create a balance in your life. Don't allow the diapers to be the center of it. Which would mean to limit your time on going to sites online with the theme of diapers. Maybe to once a week or none at all until the idea of purging leaves you.

    Speaking from experience, purging and binging can become quite expensive if done often. Learn to control your habits, not let the habits control you.

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    I've been in a 2 year purge, and now (literally a day ago or two ago) i've begun my binge

    I'm excited! :3

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    The binge-purge cycle is something I went through for a number of years as well. My suggestion would be to continue accepting this part of yourself, because it is likely a lack of acceptance that is causing you to purge. Besides that, avoid bingeing also, because that usually leads to purging. All in moderation! And as also mentioned above, avoid throwing everything out when you purge. Chances are you'll want the things again later and it is kind of costly and time consuming to buy them again, so hide them, but don't throw them out.

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    The way I see it you have two problems. One is the binge purge cycle itself and one is the problem of having the stuff around when you are in a purge. Having the stuff around is easy to solve. Just put it somewhere difficult to get to where you won't think about it and wiat for the feeling to pass. Putting them away is good though because otherwise you might be tempted to throw them away which is a lot more permanent and more expensive.

    The cycle itself is a little more difficult to break - probably part of that is because it is a cycle. One thing you can do is to try to reduce how much you wear when you are binging. This will, over time, reduce the amount of binge and purge you go through. Another is to remember that it is a binge purge cycle - doing that will help you control any impulses that you may have because of it because you will remember that they are just that - impulses that might not necessarily be the good thing to do. The best way to cope with binge purge - and some of us never find this - is true self acceptance. Then you don't get the feelings that create the purge, which gets rid of the cycle.

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