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Thread: First diaper tomorrow, any tips?

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    Default First diaper tomorrow, any tips?

    Apologies if there's some recent thread I missed on this, but...

    I ordered my first diapers the other day, and I'll be collecting them from the post office tomorrow. I only got two because I'm still very new to this and didn't want to outlay too much before I know if this is a route I want to go down. I got a couple from

    So, any tips you can give for a total new hand?

    I have the whole day off and will have the house to myself for most of it, but will be having dinner with my parents at some point. I don't want to use both diapers in one day, so I'm not sure if I should try to wear for the day and maybe try to wet while I've got the house to myself to deal with any problems, or if I should wait till the evening and just sleep in one and try wetting some other time, or if I should try something else entirely.

    Any advice appreciated, including if it's going to be a total pain to diaper myself.


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    I was in the same boat a few months ago. I found this article on putting on a diaper very helpful, if you haven't already read it. Also, as mentioned on here several times, it is easier to put one on standing up against a wall as opposed to lying down as shown in the pictures. My first few times were going to bed. Unless you're ic, it's very hard to wet lying down. So I found myself waking up in the middle of the night just to use them. This was fine and even comfortable but I would wake up tired. But then I realized I didn't get the full effect of the full feeling of a diaper while walking, relaxing or doing daily chores. So I wear during the day now when I can.

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    I started with L-XL Goodnites. Good one to start with. They fit, you can buy them anywhere and they are super comfy. My advice

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    You may want to stay in the comfort of your room or house if you are trying them for the first time. Try something light, like reading, watching a movie on your laptop, drawing, cleaning out your room

    There's no real 'correct' way of putting on a diaper(standing/lying down, w/wo powder, bottom/top tapes first etc)

    I guess the other thing is, if you realize you didn't put on your diaper as snugly as you wanted, don't hesitate to adjust it! Most diaper tapes are re-fastenable these days.

    Have fun with your first diaper, even if you don't use it. I did.

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    You made a good decision only buying a few diapers to start. I made the mistake of buying two bags and ended up getting a size too big for me.

    I agree with Zipperless, check out the article on how to put on a diaper if you haven't already. It sounds like such a common sense thing, but it actually helped me get the most out of the diapers I got.

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    My advice would be to do whatever you decide to do in the privacy of your home or room. Your need to learn the correct fit and over time, which brand and size works best for your needs. Leaks will be inevitable, especially in the beginning where you will be in the experimenting mode. Best to do this in private until you are confident about capacity, fit and your overall comfort level, in my opinion. Eventually you be free to go out whenever and wherever you want and it is a great feeling.

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    Thanks for the tips.

    I decided to wear and try to wet during the day while I had the house to myself. I put it on lying down and didn't really have too much trouble, though it did take me some time. Not because I was having difficulty with he mechanics of it, but because I had an erection. I'd never really thought about wearing a something I find sexually arousing, but obviously I do on some level. I waited for it to go down before continuing. The first of the four tapes I think I could have done being a little more snug. I put on some jeans over the top.

    I had some laundry to do so I did that, changed my bedding, etc. and made my lunch then sat and played some computer games for a couple of hours.

    I didn't try to drink anything more then usual. A couple of hours after lunch I felt the need to pee, and decided I might as well try while sat at my computer. I tried to relax but only a little came out, though the need to pee felt like it had gone too. Maybe ten mins later I had the same urge, then same only a little came. I've read here that this is actually pretty good for absorption, so I wasn't too concerned. The next time I needed to go I guess I managed to relax properly because I went for quite some time, essentially emptying my bladder. I was quite worried about flooding this time but I didn't want to stop mid flow, so I did my best I get out of my jeans as quickly as possible after I was done.

    I was quite surprised that I didn't have any leaks, though of course the weight and bulk of the diaper increased dramatically, and I could feel from the warmth that as least half way up the back was saturated. I have to admit it was an awesome feeling because it was warm but didn't feel wet at all. Content that I wasn't going to leak I was for a walk downstairs to the kitchen and the feeling of the bottom of the diaper being to thick and heavy did wake me wonder if I was walking noticeably different. I went and got my jeans back on and tried to walk around as regularly as I could.

    Once content with that I didn't know how long I wanted to wear the wet diaper. I figured I might as well try for some time but didn't want to spend too long in case it got uncomfortable. I went back to my computer game for about 30 more minutes before deciding it was time to call this wearing session quits.

    All in all, I'm considering he while trial a success. I want to try wearing to bed next but that will probably have to wait for next week while I prep some things, and again until I have the house to myself the next morning in case I need to change sheets, etc.

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    Thanks for sharing! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Gotta say, wearing to bed is pretty awesome. One of the benefits of having your own house; you never have to worry about not being able to wear.

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    Yeah I lived alone for a few years but luck being against me I've found myself back with my parents, which is bad for me as an adult on so many levels!

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    Nothing wrong being back with the folks for a little bit :-) You were very smart I'm holding off wearing until you had plenty of time for yourself! I remember one of the first times I tried wearing, I did so when my folks were home but I thought they were asleep. It was so stressful I didn't want to wear for a while!

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