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Thread: Tables or Chairs

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    Default Tables or Chairs

    Oddly specific question here: assuming you had the option to be gifted either a changing table or a highchair of your choice and space and discretion were no barrier, which would you choose and why?

    Assuming I get any responses, I'll check back tomorrow and reveal the very exciting reason for the question and what my thoughts were.

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    I'd go for a high chair...

    I've been changed a few times, it's fun, but I have a bed or floor and do the changes myself most the time...

    A high chair seems more childish to me at least...


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    I would go for the high chair as B said a bed or floor would do for a change. Now what would I do with another high chair I have two now.


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    I have to agree with Bigbabybret and bn3baby. I would want a high chair first. I do not have a mommy, daddy or anyone to change me at this time, so the bed is just fine.

    On the other hand - if someone out-of-the-blue gave me a changing table, I would take it

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    With space restrictions a chair for me. Live alone so I change myself on the bed

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    I would want both, and hopefully will have both in a few years when I settle down. If I had to choose just one, I would probably go with the high chair though. Changing tables are nice, but almost any flat surface can be used a a pseudo change table.


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    I said high chair. I can't see an adult change table being that useful unless you have a crib which means you can't change on the bed.

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    I'd go for a changing table. But I'm more DL than AB, so a high chair wouldn't really do much for me. Really, even if offered either of those for free, I'm not sure I'd take it.

    If a crib were an option, however, I'd definitely go for that... but I'm not sure why I like the thought of a crib but not a high chair or changing table. I suppose it's the same as liking diapers in the first place - who knows.

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