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Thread: Hey Guys (and girls and other)

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    Default Hey Guys (and girls and other)

    I'm not really sure how to start this; I kind of feel like I'm throwing my self into the deep end here, but hey, let's give it a go, eh?

    I'm Hubche, and I'm pretty sure my interest in diapers is what brought me here.
    Awkward intros aside, it's nice to know that there are other like-minded folks out there. I've locked this interest away since I was probably around eight, and have recently given up in this futile fight.

    Anyway, my interests out side of diapers include General out door activity, specifically mountain biking, camping and hiking, and on the more lazy side, I enjoy slobbing off with MMO and FPS video games. I also really enjoy music, and own a few guitars and like to sing , I suppose I'm fairly good at Parkour and all that jazz.

    Out of this site, I'd just like to get to know the community Some advice would be pretty handy when needed, 'cause I guess I can't really ask a friend

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    Hello Hubche and welcome to the group.

    You did just fine with a very informative introduction.

    I am impressed that you have been able to fight Paraphilic Infantilism off for ten years. The best I have ever done was 8 years.

    This site has helped me gain self acceptance and understanding about the situation and through that I have also been able to achieve balance and control over it so that I can function with a "normal life".

    I wish you the best of luck and I am sure that you have come to the right place to get help to understand the situation that you are in.

    Again welcome.


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