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Thread: Learners Permit Test

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    Question Learners Permit Test

    Im going to be taking my learners permit test tomorow, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to ace it?

    I already took it once and I got 14 out of 20 right and 6 wrong? So this will be my second time taking it! Also how many can I get wrong out of how many right? Any help would be very much apreciated thanks!

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    I failed it the first time too...I believe you can get no more then 2 wrong or so...I'd study the street signs a good deal, since those seem to be a hot topic

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    Well in Canada you have 2 parts...

    and Rules
    or whatever.

    I got 20/20 on the signs. (I'm sorry but you're kinda dumb if you don't ace the signs. Either that or extremely sheltered, I could ace signs when I was 2, being in a car you should just know those things!)

    I got 16/20 on the rules. You're allowed to get 4 wrong (on each part) in Ontario, so I *just* passed. Pretty good, for just skimming the book a couple times.

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    I failed the first time too by like one wrong question.
    But I think Pojo is right, 2 wrong is the most you can get away with and still pass.

    All of the questions are common sense really, I'm sure you'll get it this time.
    Good luck!

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    I just got mine last Friday! Kudos.

    I suggest studying the law. I got 4 wrong on that. The signs are easy, got none wrong on those. Don't panic. Good luck!

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    I passed mine on the first try but got about 3 or 4 wrong. Anyways take your time with each and every question. Oddly I almost couldn't see the eye chart even with my glasses on! But I did pass it.

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    I don't know anything about the American one, but I passed mine by buying some software that let you take lots of practice tests...

    Since it's tomorrow, I suggest you just read the book and learn all those more obscure rules... Signs and obvious rules are common sense really.

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    The place I took it at let me practically I got a 98, which is one wrong.

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    your state should have a motorist handbook and study guide, where all the questions come from....

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    In Manitoba, we have a handbook that all learners get to study from. If you read it through maybe twice (about an hour or so worth of reading) the test is super easy.

    Now the actual driver's test...that was just awful...let's just say I was terrible in nervous situations. Took me 2 times to pass that one.

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