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Thread: most dangerous country

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    Default most dangerous country

    TFS Magnum: Crime in the UK versus Crime in the US

    I'm courious what is the most in this category.

    Is it really the USA or some other country

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    I've always found it more viable to look at the type of crime committed though. I wouldn't be surprised if the US had more gun-related deaths per year than the UK. Conversely, if the statistics in that article are true, then I'd expect to witness more localised crime if I were in the UK. I just skimmed the articles, but I think all consideration should be taken for what exactly constitutes a "violent crime", and since the UK and the US release different types of reports, it would appear any conclusions drawn from the data would be compromised.

    As far as "the most dangerous country" is concerned... I imagine it'd be an African nation, some place like Zimbabwe, or a place where you get kidnapped and/or killed just for being a foreigner, or in the Middle East where war is rampant. Dangers extend far beyond crime in the local populace.

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    For a long time it was Sierra Leone, but I think things have improved since. Their average life expectancy is now 41, where before it was 35 I believe.

    Anyways, everyone knows the UK is chock full of chavs, hence all the muggings and theft. Some of the things I've heard about certain parts of the UK make the redneck backwoods of Arkansas sound educated and the Bronx seem civilized. In some areas I know that if your kid gets arrested, as the parent you have to take a parenting course. At first I thought this was totally inappropriate, then I actually heard the parents speak. Some of the testimonials were astounding. They were something like these: "Wow, actually talking to my kids has really improved things." "My kid stopped stealing once I stopped cursing at him and started discussing the reasons it's wrong." "I never realized my kids have thoughts and feelings too." Seriously, wtf is wrong with UK families?

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    Yeah, Britain is going to hell, and I blame the government.

    The USA seems to have a really strange conception of Britain anyway, so it doesn't surprise me that you think we are safe or whatever.

    Kids carry knives, gangs fight, in some areas people shoot each other... all that usual crap. God knows what we should do... Maybe if there was something for teenagers to do other than act like dicks then it wouldn't be such a problem.
    I think we're caught in a bad cycle now though, bad parents are raising bad children... Who do you try to fix first?
    I think certain groups should be discouraged from having children, like the people who have kids just for the support money...

    I kind of think Britain is the best of a bad lot though. I plan to make a lot of money and live in some middle class place where you don't get as many chavs...
    Maybe Europe would be better though, I might learn another language. Either way, I'm escaping this hell hole.

    Anyway, the USA is definitely not the most dangerous. It's probably some war-torn, messed up place.

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    It's hard to beat Somalia. Though Iraq is also pretty dangerous, and there is a lot of stuff going on in South Sudan/Darfur right now.

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    I'd stay out of Somalia, Sudan, all the middle-african countries, most of the middle east, etc, etc.

    Thankfully, where I live, there's no fear of getting shot or beaten the second you walk out the door. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a war zone.

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    I did a little searching and several places all linked back to this site: NationMaster - Crime Statistics

    I wouldn't call that definitive, it is based upon reported crimes, and the data they are using is 10 years old.

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    You have to remember that the UK governement often groups together various things into a category called "violent crime". A violent crime in the UK may not count as a violent crime in the US.

    So no, the UK is not going to hell. Neither is the US.

    Here ya go:

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    There are a number of countries that I would consider way more dangerous then either the UK or the US. There are a number of of countries in central Africa, and in the areas of the Middle East (where war is currently ongoing), that are far more dangerous. I would say the most dangerous at the moment would be Zimbabwe, or possibly the Dafur (sp?) region of the Sudan. These are more dangerous, both to the inhabitants and visitors, then either the UK or the US - and not only more dangerous but many many times so.

    As for the UK there are problems, but also these are hyped up by the media. There are a number of types of crime, including some sorts of violent crime, where the amount they occur has decreased yet media coverage has increased. While there are areas with gang fighting and hordes of chavs, these get greatly over emphasised, and it is focused on young people. People will not sit by me on a bus or a train when they will sit by other people, if I am wearing school uniform - hence clearly a teenager.

    Yet, if I am wearing my own clothes, a combination of that and the fact I live in a student area means that people will sit by me (probably assuming I am a student), even though my own clothes are quite possibly scruffier then my school uniform. I remember first time I stayed in Germany on a school trip I was suprised at how willing people were to sit next to me - I have gotten so used to people actually prefering to stand then sit next to me, yet they'll take a space next to an adult, if one becomes available. For some of that I had to wear my school uniform (cross schools thing) and people still sat by me. And another odd thing, people actually talked to me on public transport - first time that happened I was totally stunned, it had never happened to me before.

    What problems there are in the UK seem to come from parents with no idea what to do. I would say most problems come from how people are raised - and the fact their parents have no idea what to do. Combine that with the fact that there is nothing much to do in the neighbourhoods, especially the ones with the biggest trouble - and you are asking for problems. There will be other causes probably, but I imagine these are the main ones.

    Then again, in any country with a free media I would imagine that a) what is happening is nowhere near as bad as it is portrayed and b) that it really should not be ending up on a list of the most dangerous countries.

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    I'd say everywhere is dangerous. Just, some places you'd rather live in than others.

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