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Thread: Android app, yes I think DT is the right place

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    Default Android app, yes I think DT is the right place

    I am a software developer and one that has tried many time the self hypnosis for bed wetting (please lets not go down the should you or should not not debate again) But I have put a few file into an android app that can be played looped over and over your choice is to play one of them over and over and over, the other choice is to press all the buttons and have them all play at the same time over and over (I put a stop button in if you want to turn off on or if you need to stop all of them)

    This was a total of 1 hour worth of work but if people like it here I will be more then willing to add features and/or file to the system. I am looking for a way to distrobute not only the app for any one that would like it, but also the source code so it could be our own little OSS app the community came up with. I would upload at tgz file of it here but it right now is 59Mb and the system will not let me upload a larger file (as this is a pre-alpha system, I am going to put it up for Linux users only first, once the community thinks it ready we will make it so that it can easly be installed for windows and mac, I have code that I am ready to do to make that happen, but I just want some pre-alpha testeres first)

    So any one want to be a alpha tester for it, look over the code and give suggestions, maybe suggestions on the UI, the UI will need work as I said I spent only about an hour on the app at this point. Just respond here and we will see where we can go from here.

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    Cool I will contact you via pm over the weekend to figure or how to get the file to you.

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    Well at the moment i only have an iPhone... but i could maybe get my hands on an android if you need testers :3

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