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Thread: Discovery: the other end of the age spectrum

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    Default Discovery: the other end of the age spectrum

    I was just posting in another thread, and realised I'd happened across a thought and a possibility that constantly worries me.

    For the last two or three years (aged 50 now) I've been trying to deal with the binge purge cycle by keeping nappies, clothes etc hidden in my office. As I have posted elsewhere I am not one of those who feels able to tell his partner about the AB side of my life. So far, I must admit, I've been disheartened by this experiment - it makes it too easy for me to indulge. Still.

    We've seen many posts here from teens worried that their parents will discover their stash of diapers. We've seen several posts by people like me who feel they can't tell their partners.

    What about people like myself who are now parents? I have three daughters - 17. 13, and 10 years old. Under NO circumstances do I want them to find my plastic pants, nappies, overalls and onesies! I am sure there will be people here who feel that honesty is the only policy, that out should be out, that there is nothing to be ashamed of in a paraphilia like ours that harms no-one. I suppose I think that I would consider telling them only when they are grown adults, whose sexualities have already expressed themselves.

    How do other AB parents feel?

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    I'm no parent but I'd only tell my children a portion of this if I were an IC person needing them. If it's not that then I'd just keep it from them.

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    I believe in being upfront to a partner and a partner only. I’ll never condone having coffee mornings …. much too cosy by half …. discussing intimate affairs with the friends. Pass the puke bag please.

    I can and have talked to the kids about their “issues” privately - so sorry no details other than it was more for their safety and well-being. I am very guarded what I’d say, my experiences, likes and dislikes will never be part of any conversation.

    I’ve had a couple of scares in the last eighteen months or so and have given some thought to my mortality. What they do with their new-found discovery upon my demise, then - belongs with them. You understand the phrase, “written in stone”, well I won’t care for what is written on my marker, as I obviously won’t be reading it.

    I know this might not help you but -fuck it, what did you expect when it was all about me. So there!

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    Not a parent, but I'm a teacher... Would NEVER want a student or a family member of a student to know... Too many false assumption possibilities...
    Far as my own kids one day... Well, if it was just an enjoyable past time... Like walking around the house in a diaper I wouldn't see the big deal but most of the time I indulge its either for regression or foreplay... Neither of which have anything to do with any children, even my own... So I don't plan on telling my kids unless an incontience situation occurs... Shrugs, just me though

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