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    Default affordable Diaper Spreader

    Ok so I know about those diaper spreaders that seem to be made to go over the diaper and I just do not like that idea since it is not a cover sort of speak. Now I was looking around today and found this site.

    Like there is this cute puffy spreader with this dress:{42}226{40}222

    Or just a cover:{42}226{40}222

    I mean I like them a lot I just feel the international issue is making them too expensive to me. Anyone know some alternatives?
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    Links work just fine for me. Seems like the products should be fine. Not sure about the shipping cost though.

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    Guess Iím naÔve, is there more than a thick diaper in the crotch to hold the legs apart?

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    To the above people:

    1: Shipping cost depends on weight. Order a light product and it's not too bad. You do pay VAT fees on top though. I splurged one day and had $200'ish across 3 products there that weighed close to 5KG and it came to ~$50 shipping and $80 in extra charges. It all depends what you order.

    2: The products shown have a material that'll either be beads or a pillow type of item in it. It won't force your legs apart, only encourage them to stay apart. If you want 100% force get the leather spreader they offer. It's more of a bulk enhancer than spreader that forces a leg apart.

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    The crotch is filled with Fodder fleece or stereoporballs. This creates a nice plump, very comfortable wearing.
    Huh. Looks like two layer, with an inner and outer shell, with "stuff' in between to bulk it up.

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