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Thread: hello.

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    Default hello.

    im Dylan. im a little ify of giving any more information about myself. I have a fetish with diapers. I have as long as I can rember. im new to the online chat thing about this stuff. im very well educated for my age tho my spelling is crap I am very intulectual. I like sports I like learning things in my own way. I take every chance I get to be a leader. im more looking to feel like my fetish isn't something to be ashamed of by getting to know that their are other people out there that feel the same way. theres only 1 person I know that knows of my fetish and that's my girlfriend. no 1 else would even suspect. I play a lot of vidogames. I can be very muture when I want to be but I prefer not to stand out as someone who is a know it all and is expected highly of because then people rely on u and then you are set up with more responsibiltys and that stresses people out. so I act like im dummer then i am and less muture then i can be because i don't wish to stand out. the only people who know of my capabilitys are thos who are very close to me. so ya that's all i willing to share until i am able to understand what this chating online about diapers is mainly for and what type of responses i get. i do my resurch befor i enter a group or event or job

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    Welcome to the adisc community stad0118! We are a support community and we all understand fetishes of all kinds. We're also into fun and games and some serious stuff here, too. Find a thread and join the conversation! I see you like soccer. Are you on a team?

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    Hi nice to meet you! I play a lot of video games myself. I'm really into COD Ghosts right now how about you? This community has really helped me to accept my DL side and not be ashamed of it and I hope it does the same for you.

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    Default aculy at a friends house so im not playing xbox for the weekend

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    and no im not on a team but all my friends say i should be on one. i don't only play soccer tho i also do a lot of moutian biking and swimming and running and kickboxing as well but i don't realy join teams its more recreational and i just show up if friends are doing it. i love canoe triping more then anything else tho. my longest trip was a 21 day trip in tamagmi and man was it hard fun relaxing....words cant define the satafaction of these trips

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    just a friendly hi and welcome to ADISC.

    odd question i now ut when you say soccor do you mean american football or actual football like we play here in the uk and in europe ?

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    soccer with the feet so if its in Europe its football.....its a round ball with the nets ya

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    i know that but a lot of people call it soccor or football then they go and say its american football which is like our rugby so i hope you can understand why i asked a stupid question like that lolz.

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    no its not stupid I know a lot of people from Europe that have asked that

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    haha now i feel better lol.

    i thought you gonna think i was some kind of imbecile lolz :p

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    no Im not crule no matter what what a person says to me or even if they try to hurt me. I may push them around and get them to stop but I wouldn't be mean to any one no matter what. Idc about peoples opinion of me so y should I judge some1 just because of what socity thinks. its not what you have done its not what you are currently doing its not who you were but its who you are that counts

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