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Thread: Evening and hello!!

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    Default Evening and hello!!

    I will begin with an apology/warning. Currently using my phone as don't have a computer or laptop with me so any mistakes if they are annoying please point them out and I will endeavour to change them.

    With the help of the cheat sheet I will hopefully give you a bit of an introduction to myself.

    This is the bit I struggle with, I'm saints, I am from the uk and have lived here my whole life and am yet to see much much of the big bad world, however when time and finances allow I would like to travel. Places I would like to go include Japan, New Zealand and the US of A. My reasons for visiting all these places are different but that's a whole other conversation.

    I don't really know when I started liking nappies/diapers and the path to where I am today has taken me through various twists and turns but currently I would class myself as an AB/DL/padded daddy (well that is kind of yet to start but I digress). A quick list of nappies I have tried include pampers, drynites, tena slip, abri form x-plus? I think thats what they are called. Cuddlz a while ago when they were just all white but have some waiting at my girlfriends for when I eventually get to see her. Probably missing some but am trying to try as many different nappies as I can, compare and contrast so any suggestions are always welcome as long as you tell me why you think I should try them.

    To be honest I joined the site because I was on google (other search engines are available) looking for reviews and comparisons and a thread game up here. Started having a look around and realised that for once I could avoid reading the general stuff of "I have messed and like to touch myself" and "ooo a girl in a diaper I would like to..."

    Ok apologies if you have got this far and have become bored already but I am just about to put some more about me which should have probably gone at the beginning.
    I would consider myself a fairly active person as it kind of runs in the territory of my job (for now would prefer not to say but certain things will probably end up giving people an idea, if you have a dying urge to know please ask privately) I love playing basketball, it is my main sport to play, I play a bit of football (uk not us). Would like to start playing tennis when the weather improves as have played a bit of squash and really enjoyed it so assuming tennis will be equally as fun. When the weather is nice I like relaxing walks but when it's cold, wet and windy like the moment I most definitely prefer being inside in front of my pc/tv. This brings me nicely onto computers, I have an ok pc which can handle gaming but isnt all singing and all dancing, my gaming addiction at the moment is world of tanks, would like to get the new battlefield whenever it comes out and I am not stuck in the middle of a field for 5 weeks working. My other major interest is cars/motorsport, my favourite racing series at the moment is the BTCC (british touring car championship) as the racing is really entertaining to watch.

    I think I am finally done now so hopefully you had an enjoyable read and please feel free to ask any question, add any comments or complaints.

    Also I know it says about quoting this in the replies
    If this rule isnt set in stone can I ask you not too because it will just make scrolling through a bit tedius

    On a side note is the paragraph spacing/post layout ok as its a bit hard to check when typing this up on my phone (samsung galaxy note 2 if anyone would like to know)
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    That's one of the better introductions I've seen in adisc. Not boring at all! Welcome aboard! What? You don't like hearing about messing? jk You've come to the right place, although there have been some threads on it. Since you've tried so many different nappies, have you seen the diaper review forum here? Members rate the diapers they wear and post the results. We also have a lot of members from the U.K. so you will no doubt make a lot of friends here. Are you on a basketball team? Do you have a favorite U.K. or American basketball team you follow?

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    There's a cheat sheet so I should be getting near top marks for the intro.

    The review section was what really got me here, the format for nappy testing was genius (I assume because they all had the same test etc which I like because usually it is solely personal preference).

    I hope at some point in the future to do my own reviews but lack of time and ability to order as many nappies as I want is the main reason I havent at the moment. Also it has been a while since I have tried some of them so it could be hard to give a fair representation. I accidently bought a box instead of a pack of both tena slip maxi (mediums) and abri form x plus (large) because I was too worried about offending/upsetting the cashier at the supplier so have had a few to work through recently and no time at home or with the gf to use them.

    I play for a work team but to be honest we are rubbish and because of work commitments dont get much time to train and play together because of courses and things so we are more a group of players than a team which is evident in matches. I would like to follow more basketball but in the uk there is little local coverage and the NBA games are nearly impossible but I do have a favourite team. Miami Heat (also have an awesome group of cheerleaders!)

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    That was a good introduction! I'm a pretty new member as well, but already feel at home enough to welcome you

    And yes, the reviews are super great. I might make some on the ones I've gotten in the mail this week.

    It seems like you also have a cool girlfriend

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    I try my best

    Yea it is helpful because I was unsure which brands to try am very tempted by ABU cushies especially the soft ones they have but the lack of thickness has kind of put me off the high shipping costs I just like the idea of a very babyish nappy and a single tape each side. Will have to see how cuddlz agree with me the 2nd time around now they have all over designs.

    Yea the gf is wonderful, she doesn't participate and doesn't really know the entire nappy saga but she lets me wear and order to her place as she is home more often then I am so can collect deliveries. Mainly it doesnt bother her even when I do act a little babyish have you tried a good variety of brands then apoptosis??

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    That's all really nice to hear! My girlfriend is very much the same way. I'm at her apartment right now in a cushie and pajamas at 4:44 PM haha

    I've tried (in chrono. order): Abena Delta form, Tranquility ATN, Bambino Teddy, Bambino Bellisimo, ABU Super Dry Kids, and ABU cushie.

    I got each of those last four directly from the online stores in two-packs. I'll tell you about each one!

    Abena delta: Feel really nice. Cloth backed, four tapes total. Looks very clinical--bar code, wetness indicator, bluish tint.
    Tranquility ATN: I liked them okay. Plastic backed, four tapes. Looks less clinical--bar code, wetness indicator, white.
    Bambino Teddy and Bellissimo: look very cute and I liked them quite a bit Plastic backed (feels like a vinyl shower curtain, kinda. I know you've felt what i'm talkin about), four tapes. Looks adorable. Big and babyish besides the tapes (which aren't that big of a deal). Haven't 'used' them yet, but apparently you can wet them like four times! I can only wear one for a total of three nights before I need to use duct tape. But the padding holds up very well. Both are similar but with different cute designs on the landing strip.
    ABU SDK: Very cute. Look just like nineties pampers (which is exactly what I want). Smooth plastic backed, with a cute as hell landing strip. Two tapes total. Hold up really well and can be worn again and again. Super babyish and probably my favorite!
    ABU cushie: Just like the SDK with a couple exceptions. First, the padding broke up in only one night? It feels like I've been wearing it every night for ten days. But on the upside, they look SUPER cute and babyish, with a cute color landing strip, but then that pattern repeated on the rest of the diaper in a light purple. Just take a look at them online because wow they are cute and babyish to the max. They'd be my favorite if they held up as well as SDK.

    Haha tell me how you like cuddlz with the all-over designs! That's what I liked the most about the cushies. It's super weird, (well in any other context but this forum, maybe) but when i look at myself in the mirror in a cushie, I really want to pee. I guess it's just a really nice callback to my childhood hope I helped you!

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    *Waves hi from New Zealand*. Welcome to ADISC!

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    I wish we still got BTCC coverage here in the US.

    "Mansell's gone agricultural!!!"

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    Apoptosis: thank you very much for you overview of the nappies that is very helpful if not a little disappointing to hear about the cushies because they look super cute and would very much like to try them but if they arent fit for purpose then I dont see a huge amount of point in them.

    I will let you know how I got on with the cuddlz and probably post something in the DL section.

    Thank you everyone else for the kind welcomes from all around the globe including places I would very much like to visit some day.

    Also nigel mansell was f1 was he not ultrapampers...its late so I may be mistaken!

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