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Thread: Wanting to use in my house?

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    Default Wanting to use in my house?

    So, I have a very interesting situation here. I am 19 and have lived on my own since right after I turned 18. I was curious before that but pretty much started wearing off and on after that. It was fine before because I was always alone.

    I recently moved and over the past couple of months my Mother and Brother have come upon some issues and needed to stay with me for a while. I don't have a problem with them being here. It's just that they're never both gone at the same time. Which isnt an issue with wearing(as I am right now), but it's and issue with using(for both). It's just such a strong smell that I'm afraid to use in my OWN house. And It really sucks. Was wondering if anyone else had ever been in an odd situation like this one and possibly had any advice?

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    That certainly is an upside-down sort of issue to have. Normally I'd suggest asking the person to give you a few hrs of the day to yourself, but it's tricky with that combo of people that aren't likely to be gone at the same time normally.

    I had a bit of that issue last year when my mom spent a week up here. I basically didn't wear at all during the day for that week, but I was still padded every night. That's my best suggestion, just go for evenings and overnight.

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    For getting rid of the smell, put a Dryer sheet over the intake side of a fan. It works wonders for getting rid of the smell.

    Try to find time when you can be on your own in your room, or anything like that, when they dont need you around.

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    If there's a strong smell, you're probably not drinking enough water.

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