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Thread: Donating Blood

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    Default Donating Blood

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever donated blood. I have before and it was really easy and I felt good knowing that it was going to a good cause. If you did, how was your experience? Good? Bad? did you faint...I saw a couple of people who was funny Anyway, if you did not, or do not want to, why not? Religious reasons or something?

    -The Sun-

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    I would never donate blood.

    • I'm really not a fan of needles to begin with, let alone volunteering myself to get one jabbed into me.
    • I can stand the sight of blood and stuff like that if it's a cut or whatever, but just the thought of seeing blood drained out of me or someone else makes me queasy.
    • I spent the good part of the first 6 years of my life in a hospital bed or going in and out of hospitals. I've had countless needles before and been cut open more times that I like. Medically speaking, I think I've served my time.
    • I absolutely abhor that super-hygienic, overly-clean smell that medical places have. Really gets up my nose and gives me a headache.

    I know it'll go to a good cause and all that jazz, but I just can't bring myself to do it because I have a natural aversion to needles or medical stuff in general.

    If I do get haggled about it, I politely refuse. I'm cool with people asking, but not when they don't accept "No" for an answer. One time this guy at my university was very persistent about it and got in my face about all the benefits of donating, etc... Just to get him out of my face, I told him straight-up that I had hepatitis (I don't! I'm clean as a whistle!). Bit of an arsehole move, but it certainly got him out of my face!

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    I have in the past, but do to changes in who can donate, I can no longer donate.

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    I've had blood taken for medical purposes before, but I've never willingly given it to charity or whatever.

    My reasons are that I don't like anything that causes me pain, and needles hurt, so I don't like them. I also have such a common blood type(I don't actually know my blood type, but I know it's a common one) that it doesn't make sense for me to donate. I've always attributed blood donation to those who have rare blood types like AB+ or -.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I donated blood twice in High School (when I was a virgin). The Dred Cross has a punitive restriction that states that any man who has sex with another man even once since 1979 is forbidden to donate. Yeah, the Red Cross seems to think *every* sexually-active gay man has AIDS. Well, I don't have AIDS and I have had a whopping three sexual partners *ever* so I can hardly be called promiscuous.

    If the Red Cross stops living in the 1980s, I'd be happy to donate blood again.

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    I don't think I'd ever willingly donate it. I hate needles FAR too much for that.

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    I really should do it sometime. I went along once, but it turns out it wasn't on because there was some construction work going on in the hall they were doing it in and health and safety wouldn't let it go ahead. They probably wouldn't let me donate anyway, since I've been to a country that has a very, very low risk of malaria. But I guess you can never be too careful.

    But I think I might have O negative blood, which can be given to anyone. So if that's the case, I really should try and donate it next time it comes round.

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    Nope...And I wouldn't do it...Just thinking about going it makes me feel weird...Not queasy, but I feel weakish...Also, I just don't like the idea of doing it...

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    I have not done it. And im pretty queazy around needles, and stuff.. But I would and I do plan on it sometime in the near future. Not to be smug and 1-up the people who don't donate, but just to prove myself wrong.

    I don't like how my main reason for not donating is my fear of needles, I mean, who isn't afraid of needles?

    A little bit afraid of getting sick though... watching the blood leave my body and FEELING your blood volume decreasing.

    Yeah, I would do it.

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    I hated needles as a kid but one time when I had to get a shot I didn't really even feel it. Since then I been fine with them and never had a bad shot since. Aside for the one time my dentist accidentally hit me in the nerve while giving me "Novocain" or whatever. When a metal needle hits your nerve (at least in the gum lines) it feels like your getting shocked.

    Anyways I should give blood but I haven't yet. There's really no reason not to do it I think.

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