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Thread: Hello - I'm billyd

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    Default Hello - I'm billyd

    For some reason I thought I might have made an introduction - evidently not. I'm a 73 yo GWM AB/DL - more toddler than baby. I live in Se TX. Knew at 6 yo that I liked wet pants and finally figured out is was really diapers at 11 yo or so. I like to wear short-alls and overalls. Both hide diapers well or not and can be adult or toddlerish or not. Some of my short-alls have been toddlerized to varying extents. I'm a cloth diaper baby.

    Outside of AB/DL, I like woodworking, photography, beach walks, veggie gardening and nature. Like to read a lot and listen to baroque music.

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    Welcome. Your probably the oldest member on the site. What does GWM stand for?

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    Shit 73. O.o WOW omfg dude. You see JFK get shot?

    You ARE the oldest. Congrats.

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    Alright guys, let's be nice. I'm sure billyd will, in time, be happy to tell us all about WW2, JFK, RFK, MLK and Vietnam. But for now, welcome to the site! Hope you have lots of fun here. So what's boroque music?

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    I believe baroque is a specific area of what we'd likely get confused with classical. ^ ^

    And GWM is "gay white male."

    Welcome to the side, Billy! Don't let the wonderment at numbers discourage you -- we're always excited to have newcomers, and after all, with age comes great wisdom! I look forward to seeing you around on the forums!

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    [[email protected] ~]# service billyd start
    Starting billyd:                                                  [  OK  ]
    [[email protected] ~]#
    Sorry I have to do that for anyone whose name ends in a "d". It's just something all us Unix geeks instinctively think when we see that... anyways welcome, and be sure to check out the wiki!


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    Quote Originally Posted by baseball4life View Post
    Just adding my WELCOME too.

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    Welcome to the site

    I hope you'll get some good use out of the place. As you'll see from looking around, there's a lot more going on here than just diapers and I hope you'll chime in on things that interest you or put up some threads of your own once you've got a handle on the community.

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