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    Default sensitive feelings

    could me being an adult baby make my feelings sensitive? everytime someone yells at me i get sad

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    I'd say it's possible. I cry very easily, and also feel bad when I've been scolded.

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    I reckon it's more likely that being sensitive made you an AB, rather than the other way round...

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    I'll say yes and no...

    I am sensitive at times, usually when in a safe place and in a mind set that allows it...

    I like many here have different personas...

    So, I've been sensitive over things many times, but only in my little or personal space...not my working or outward personas...

    Now, I keep them separate, that's me, and I feel if my vulnerable side sees and interacts with the crap I've seen and done they would be damaged at least if not outright killed off...

    So, for me yes if I'm in a little mind space I'm much more sensitive and emotional...


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    Ditto Tiny and bret, I think maybe being sensitive contributed to my being AB, but when I'm 'little' I am definitely more vulnerable and sensitive than when I'm not.

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    Me too, I'm actually glad I can separate things like this...I have a few modes...

    My little had no place and would be downright dangerous in many places I've worked at...

    For about ten years there was not much little time...but, there is now so that's good.


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    I've always been really sensitive, and that might be why I kind-of feel that I want to withdrawal away from everything else. I always thought that I was to blame when the teacher would start yelling in the class (which was just "a bit" irrational), and found myself getting sad when I'm criticized.

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    it depends where you fall on the spectrum as well as what being ABDL/Little means to you.

    Personally, when I'm in little mode, I am very sensitive to negative situations and experiencing high stress in that mind-set could traumatize me in some ways. I'm also very easily embarrassed or upset when scolded for any adult-related reason. Being in the mind set of a little is literally like talking to an innocent little toddler, it requires sensitivity.

    However, to some, being abdl is sexual or only "in the moment" and doesn't effect their adult emotions n what not, so thats why i say it depends where you are on the spectrum and what it means to you.

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