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    i just got a new pair today and was wondering how do i was them? And can they go in the dryer?

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    Oh no no no dryer ... You'll melt them. I just hand wash mine with some gentle detergent, then I towel dry them and hang them somewhere (discretely lol) mostly for the elastic to dry. Make sure you wash them well or they will get on the nose.

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    I wash mine by hand in the shower when I take my shower. I'm probably one of the few people living in my area with a small bottle of dish washing detergent sitting in the shower stall, haha. I thoroughly rinse them, and then hang them up using a plastic hanger.

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    I've washed the and dried them, but my dryer has a cold setting so it's not hot to melt them...


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    I rinse my out, and hang them to dry after every wearing.

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