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Thread: Diaper binging

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    Default Diaper binging

    So I realized the other day that my diaper stash was getting low. Nothing fancy, large girls goodnights. Decided I should go out and buy some more. Wound up with nearly 200! A case of boys goodnights (the girls always leaked out at the crotch, figured maybe these would do me better), a case and bag of Huggies Overnights size 6, and a bag of Pampers Cruisers size 7. I've never had this many diapers before...figured might as well start wearing them more often! Now it's a few weeks later, still wearing a good amount (not quite 24/7, but most of the day). Anybody else get these periods of binge and purge? I went almost a year without diapers until a few months ago, now I'm wearing all the time.


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    going through the equivalent of a binge right now. i am just waiting for a delivery so i can indulge some samples and find what i like best. just do NOT let the urge control you you should be controlling it and MANAGING it. how much is too much? when it somehow hurts you that's when. so if you can wear as much as you do now it's ok ASSUMING you can afford it without any ill effects too you financially.

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    ahhh must be so nice, being thin enough to fit into those.... *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    ahhh must be so nice, being thin enough to fit into those.... *sigh*
    ditto T_____________________T I wish I could fit in pampers/huggies Q_Q

    anyway, I own close to 300 diapers right now... and not your average, affordable baby diapers lol im talking bambinos, cushies, SDKs, ASC, Fabines etc... i would say there is a good 500-600$ worth of diapers in my closet lol, and thats just diapers... lets not forget the probably 1500$ worth of outfits and accessories like powder/changing mat/stuffers/bottles etc.

    I guess you can say I'm on an endless binge because I don't purge :P Maybe I'm just a girl with a shopping addiction lol cuz i binge on clothes too >_< diapers are no different LOL If i had the money right now, i'd be buying a bambino variety case, 2 cases of cushies/sdk, 2 packages of ASC and a bunch of other stuff i have in my list >_< among other things

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyEmilyLG View Post
    I wish I could fit in pampers/huggies Q_Q
    I wouldn't exactly say I can fit...I have a pair of brief that i rest the diapers in and wear them like that...or I'll stuff my goodnights. I dunno, I just like the feeling of them when I wet.


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    I binged a lot when I got my case of bambino's last week. Up to this posting I've still only used 7, not even a full bag but I've worn just about every night and kept em on till at least noon.

    I think I've got most of the binging out of my system thankfully.

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    Well I wish I was actually lucky enough to be able to have a stash like that.Right now I only get what I can when I can but when I have a place of my own I'll have a stash and wear them as much as possible.

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    I really want to put an end to my binge/purge cycle and I think I will. I believe it ends when I accept myself in realistic terms. I mean that I realize that I don't really want to be diapered all the time and that my feelings about it change often.

    For instance I don't like wearing when I'm with my friends because I am always distracted by the fact that I have a diaper on. I don't worry about someone finding out, but I don't want to have to go and change myself in the middle of a social situation - its just too obtrusive. But since I spend a lot of time at home alone I feel OK wearing most of the time when I can afford it. I have a hard time sleeping in diapers so I usually don't. Flexibility seems to be the key to ending binging and purging.

    One other important thing I have discovered is that diapers aren't really a sexual thing for me like I used to think. They coincide with that part of human anatomy so the confusion is understandable, but I find that I really need them for emotional soothing and that using them sexually is a mistake (not that it would necessarily be for others).

    I think for a long time what I felt guilty about was excessive sexual self-indulgence, not the fact that I sometimes feel a need to wear diapers and feel soothed by them.

    I hope this post isn't too explicit; it is honest and I have no intention to be offensive.

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    I've had binge moments as well, normally out of some type of (normally non-existent) panic that only that exact moment will be the opportunity to get them.

    Well, this time I would say is reasonable. Huggies baby nappies have been discontinued here in the UK, so by the time I decided to buy some the major supermarkets had already sold out. Looking on eBay they are available but at a hyper-inflated prices. So trawled small local shops with a slow turn over. Wanted the Huggies Super-dry in size 6 but at the first shop only had size 3. Bought them anyway out of fear of not being able to find any other sizes anywhere else. Next 3 shops didn't stock them at all. Last one, had like five packs. Bought one pack but the next day decided as they are not sold any more I might as well buy them all.

    Problem is I only have enough space to stash one or two small packs of diapers safely. So add the 5 packs to the two pampers, two packs of Tena and pull-ups I bought a couple of months ago (also bought spontaneously), I'm running out of places and space to stuff them...
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    WISH I HAD a unch of options i only get what what i think will work slowly figuring it all out tho not a huge selection around here at my stores

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