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    Just curious to see who else has read "Worlds in Collision", 1950, or "Earth in Upheaval", 1956, by Immanuel Velikovsky. These books challenged the prevailing view of the natural history of the earth and evolution. The backlash from scientists was so strong that the academic community forced the publisher to stop printing it by threating to cancel text book orders. Probably the only time a major publisher dropped an international best seller. Many of the scientists who were the author's most vocal critics later admitted they had never read the book.

    At that time universities were teaching that the earth had been relatively peaceful for several hundred million years, and that dinosaurs gradually became extinct over millions of year due to natural selection. Through his research Velikovsky compiled a massive amount of evidence proving this wasn't the case. His main contention, that Venus was a comet at one time and had a near collision with the earth, has been pretty well discredited by science, but the evidence he presents showing that the earth has had catastrophic encounters with extraterrestrial objects, some of which occured since the appearance of the human race, is overwhelming.

    These books may be making a comeback.

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    I saw a special on TV that explained that even if the earth was in Venus' position, the temprature would only increase by a few degrees because a cosmic collision between earth and a passing meteor caused it to spin fast enough that it would produce a magnetic field. Scientists theorize that long ago venus was the same way, but then a cosmic collision with Venus as well caused it to slow in its spinning, hence causing the magnetic field produced by the spin to dissipate and over time the sun's rays destroyed the surface and Venus became as it is today.

    Really interesting stuff. The thing is on the Weather Channel, its called Extreme Space Weather.

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