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Thread: Update on telling my girlfriend

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    Default Update on telling my girlfriend
    thats the old thread.
    Anyways hers an update:

    So I still haven't completely said i like to wear diapers or I'm and AB. But she does let me cuddle in her arms and "breast feed" even though nothing comes out its still fun. She calls me a little baby and treats me like one. Also we went to target and bought cute cartoon undies for me to wear, which me and her both love! And one time we were texting and she said she wanted to use one of her blankies and put it on me like a diaper, i was excited to hear that and said id like to wear a real one! she is willing to let me do that we just havent gotten around to going to get some.

    my problem now is that i dont know if i should say " hey i already wear diapers and stuff " or just go with the flow and pretend I am new to it.

    Any advice?

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    I would go with the flow and see how far it goes with her babying you.

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    Good advise from Poohbearboy. Since this seems to be going in a favorable direction, I'd go with the flow. If it doesn't make its way to diaper wearing, then you could suggest it. It sounds to me like you are in a favorable position. Congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poohbearboy View Post
    I would go with the flow and see how far it goes with her babying you.
    Agreed, just go with it, she is already willing to go through with it, so just be happy relax and enjoy. Btw congrats

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    It sounds like to me she has already accepted the "little" side of you and is already participating. Going one step further with the AB/diaper side seems like a no brainer. Talk to her and I bet she goes along with it. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    yeah, let it grow naturally, and just go with the flow. If you ever start to see it dye off, you might be be able to say that you miss when you did that kind of stuff with her, and you really connected with it.

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    I would say let her pick out the pampers like you are both finding it out new then you can add stuff that you found or ordered dont rush to fast it must be fun for her .Do not push ok its a two way street do nice things for her make her feel special. Give back as your given. Good luck.:-)

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    I think you should be honest with her. If she already accepts you and is getting used to it then what do you have to worry about. People seem to appreciate honesty anyway. Though, I have been known to give bad advice so do whatever you feel is best.

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    I would say stay with going with the flow, show her how much you like it and like doing it with her. Do a couple of nice things for her also. After one or two diapering times suggest to her that you would like to try a few other baby things like bottles and baby food and be her baby for her. See how it all goes. You could be in for a good ride. Keep us posted.

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    Thank you so much everyone! Currently she is at college about an hour away ,so I only get to see her like 3 times a week and the weekends are the best time to partake in these baby actives. So ill text her some about it this week and see how it ends up this weekend and will let everyone know! Thanks again!!

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