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Thread: Vesicare + Endep = ?

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    Question Vesicare + Endep = ?

    So I had my Cystoscopy and Urodynamics done the other week. After a long wait (not that I'm complaining) on the public waiting list I have somewhat of a diagnosis.

    The Urologist has given me a script for Vesicare and my GP gave me one for Endep (which the GP assured me is ok to go with the Vesi). I'll also be seeing a Physiotherapist (fer Kegal stuffs) over these next 3 months.

    My issue is Nocturia and OAB coupled with a low bladder capacity. Also the Urodynamics showed random spasms whilst it was filling. During the day I get little warning before urgency kicks in.

    I was wondering if anyone with similar issues has had or has known of this combination of medications to help.

    I tried Oxybutyninon on it's own a couple of years back but that only increased the amount I drank.

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    Thought I'd mention that the Vesi + Endep is working out really well... My frequency and leaks have been dramatically reduced.

    +1 for Vesicare (with the exception of it's price tag been $50)

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