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Thread: Got appointment with uro doc on 28th

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    Default Got appointment with uro doc on 28th

    Well got the appointment with the uro doc on the 28th at 10 am. I am very nervious about that. I know that he or she will want to run all sorts of test and that is fine I can deal with that. I guess what makes me nervious is what the test will find. In reading about becoming incontinent I found that there are many things that can cause it and some are really scary - ie bladder cancer -

    I still have not discussed this with my mate yet. I am going to wait and see that the doctor says before I do that. I want to have all my information all lined up when that discussion takes place. My mate is a worrier and no since in bringing it up until I have some real information.

    lol - It is funny. I have enjoyed wearing diapers for fun for quite awhile but now that it is not just for fun it seems like I do think about what others will think. I did not feel that way before. I have worn my diapers all fully soaked out in public and to work for close to a year now and wondering what others thought never was an issue. Why is it that now that I am having incontinent problems - real ones not just - oh why are you wearing diapers - etc for reply - but ones that do make me have to wear them that I am concerned about what others think?

    I guess in someways it is more of it not being a game but something that has gone wrong feeling.

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    I'm glad that your having it checked out. When you get the results let us know.

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    Im going to post here as i have had a bit of a chance to read through some of the other posts you have about this issue.

    First up, I'm going to be honest here ... please don't go online, put your symptoms in and get a ton of results about possible diagnosis. And even though you have the problem of incontinence, don't think that all of he causes they have listed apply to you. This is why you need to go to a doctor ... this is why you pay them. Im a medical student so i know how bad it can be and i have done the same thing too (when i study about different things i look at the symptoms i have and can't help but check he box against all the symptoms for that disease yet i know i don't have that). With the human body, there are a lot of overlaps with symptoms of different diseases and it is a doctors job to figure out what is going on. For example ... i saw in a previous thread you mentioned about inguinal pain and mentioned testicular torsion ... based on your age alone, it makes testicular torsion unlikely as it mostly occurs to younger people (yes, it can happen with older people but it is not the norm).

    Whilst i understand that seeing bladder cancer on a list of causes of incontinence is scary you need to look at it in perspective. Most bladder cancers do not present with incontinence to start with (that is usually a much later stage when things have advanced significantly). Usually people present because they have some blood in their urine or pain on urination. If bladder cancer progresses to the point where it starts to be the cause of incontinence, people usually have a ton more signs, the biggest being massive amounts of weight loss (without trying) hormonal imbalances (can sometime occur) plus others.

    I know it is hard not to worry about such a thing like cancer. But this is not your job to look up what you might have. Yes, looking for information about what you have is a good thing. But digging around on the web to try and find an answer that hasn't yet been properly diagnosed by a doctor is not a good thing to be doing.

    I did want to ask you something though. In a previous thread you said that the prostate bloods you did were normal. Did the doctor also check your prostate with their finger? This is important to know because the reliability of PSA (which is the blood test for the prostate) is not that great at diagnosis things wrong with the prostate.

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    I second Zeek61.

    I had all of the tests--and yes, one of them was extremely uncomfortable--to try to figure out what the problem was. They led to a diagnosis of the issue, but also (and far more importantly as far as I am concerned) they led tot he conclusion that it was not linked to any underlying cause but rather to a stand-alone problem. It can just be a stand-alone problem. Doc says it happens a lot. What is critically important is ruling out​ all of those other possible underlying causes; then you can try to treat the IC itself. If you can, great! Go back to having fun. If not, well, like me, at least you're used to them.

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    Yes my prostate was checked by the doctors finger and it made me jump. The doctor said it was probably inflamed and put me on cipro. The cipro did not correct the incontince and that is why the doctor sent me to the urologist.

    I am not now having any pain groin wise in anyway. The doctor on my second visit said that I had just probably pulled a muscle some when doing the tree work.

    I do not use the internet to try and diagonise what I have but more for just general information about what other have experienced with various procedures. I do realize that the doctor may not find anything and that the incontinence issue could be due to age - yes i am over 65 - at least that is what my GP thought could be the case. However she wanted me to see the urologist to be sure that there were no underlaying causes that could be treated. She does not like the idea of me taking any of the meds that most other doctors presp. for incontince. She said my heart meds are super stable and does not want to mess with any of that.

    I can live with the incontinence but doing something that puts my heart at risk or having some of the other side effects from incontinence drugs is not a road I am willing to go down.

    What I am trying to find now is what diapers are best. I do not want to have to change at work. Yes I have worn diapers to work but before I really did not pay much attention to absorbancy or cost issues. If this turns out to be a 24/7 impact then what I would prefer would be during the day to just put on one diaper and not have to change at work at all - that is 8 to 9 hours. Then at night I would want to have one that would last all thur the night.

    At this time I am waking up at least 2 to 3 times a night to have to go pee. This really messes up my sleep and I am nervious about taking some sort of sleep medication until all the incontinence issue is finally resolved or the doctor says you have to learn to live with it if you wont take the meds for incontinence. IF that is the case then I will address the issue with my mate. Then I am quite willing to take some sort of sleep aid to get thur the night and not have to worry about peeing the bed as I will be wearing protection and my mate will know.

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    As for diapers here's what I suggest. Get some samples of Tena Slip Maxi's ans Abena M4's from XP Medical and make a comparison to see how you like them.
    For working purposes they should last within the time frame your talking about. To be on the safe side I would carry a change just in case it would be needed.
    Another good diaper will be the Dry 24/7 when it becomes available hopefully next month. I wear the Tena Slip Maxi now for a Dry 24/7 replacement. They are a
    thinner discreet diaper but they hold a lot. The M4 is a little thicker and still hold a lot. Both are plastic backed. It's hard to say at the present time on the Dry 24/7
    what it will be compared to the old one. I'm also with you when it comes to the meds and side effects of them. I'm also on blood pressure meds and I don't want to
    have to change that. Been taking the same one's now for four years. Also to me my vision is more important as I'm blind in one eye and am taking an eye drop for the
    rest of my life for glaucoma. I prefer to buying diapers and deal with my IC in that way.

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