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Thread: my 5 favorite online AB/DL shopping sites

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    Default my 5 favorite online AB/DL shopping sites

    Sometimes it's fun to shop online for AB/DL things even if you don't plan on buying anything. Here are my 5 favorite online AB/DL shopping sites;

    1. Privatina
    2. Cuddlz
    3. PacifiersRus
    4. Bambino Diapers
    5. Plastic Pants

    Here's my shopping list (just about everything I need to satisfy my baby side);

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What are your 5 favorite online AB/DL shopping sites?

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    1. Bambino Diapers
    2. Baby-Pants
    3. eBay
    4. CosynDry
    5. Babykins

    Privatina is simply to expensive for me, as is Pacis-R-Us. I get my pacis from baby-pants. And all the clothing I buy is from eBay because the selection is just endless, they have anything from Onesies to footed pj's to little girl dresses. I would love to try Cuddlz diapers but the shipping cost to where i am is insane. And Babykins has AMAZING cloth diaper products :3

    CosynDry is a sometimes thing because their selection is a bit small, but i've bought a few onesies and i got my first footed sleeper there too.

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    1) Bambino
    2) Baby Pants
    3) Amazon
    4) ABUniverse
    5) I'm still new to buying online :P sorry

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    1:Amazon cute t-shirts)

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    2. pacifiersrus
    3. fetware
    4. aww so cute
    5. baby pants

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    1. Bambino
    2. JumpinJammerz (Not AB/DL of course but close enough!)
    3. Fetware (cheapest Nuk 5's I've seen online for USA orders)
    4. XP Medical (still not AB/DL of course, but come on they know.)
    5. Dry 24/7 ( if they would finally get back)

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    Suppose my top five sites are simply a list of the last places I recall purchasing supplies but here she goes:
    1. XP Medical
    2. ABUniverse
    3. Privatina (where an interesting message from their customer service was left on my phone in Polish)
    4. All-in-one-Company
    5. JumpinJammerz

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    Adultclothdiaper Co.
    Baby Pants
    Jumpin Jammerz

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    Oh man, Ive only bought from Bambino and ABU but thanks to you guys that list is now going to expand.

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    Baby Pants
    Ebay (Sourced a few custom garments here)
    B4NS(Canadian Bambino Supplier)
    Bambino (When I visit the states, I stay with a babyfur generally.)

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