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Thread: Sleeping Temperatures

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    Default Sleeping Temperatures

    Do you prefer your sleeping quarters to be warm, cool, or somewhere in between? I like to be warm. I sort of link it to my ab side, in my mind warm equals ''cared for'' I guess.

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    yup yup love being warm and snuggly

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    Cool. One can always pile on blankets to get warm and then kick a foot out to regulate one's body temperature, but if the room's too warm to begin with, it's a bit harder.

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    Well, when it comes to room or environmental temperatures I prefer cold so I can turn the heater off and just snuggle up in layers of blankets after having hot cocoa or eggnog. Oh how I miss those nights. I really hope winter will be good this year. It's been warmer than I like it for the past few years.

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    I like it as warm as possible, I might sweat a bit but it usually cools down a bunch after 12 am
    electric blanket was a good buy!
    Being cold is painful to me, might have something to do with my AS

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    Cold, like 60-65 degrees cold. My room has no insulation and I live in Michigan so fellow people from Michigan know my trouble. Anyway I have an electric blanket I keep on low as well. But I also have strange additional sleeping habits

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    Perfect Diaper temperature without the sweaty feel, and cold.

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    I like it slightly cool, but not cold. Upper 60s is about perfect for me. I do have a couple odd sleep habits: I have to have a blanket on, even during the hottest part of summer, and I have to have a fan running, even in the coldest part of winter.

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    I contradict myself in bed. I have the fan blasting in my face every night. I like the breeze, and it helps with my tinnitus in my ears. It neutralises the ringing. But I like to be warm and cuddly in bed too.

    So cold on the outside, warm on the inside. Yeah.. only I understand it.

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    i keep my thermostat set at about 65 during the winter. I have a big heavy wool blanket that is really warm. last winter, I had my Footie pajamas that I wore every night so I was able to turn it down to 65 to save some energy. Now I don't have my footie pajamas because I wore holes in the feet by the end of last winter

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