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Thread: Themed Staycation for AB/DL

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    Talking Themed Staycation for AB/DL

    I was wondering if there is a hotel, and each room have different themed interior with Mummy/Daddy which would diaper change, feed or anything of your adult baby needs. Would you pay for it?

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    If it´s not in a sexual kind of way, I would, seems like fun. If you are talking like a big building, like a "Holiday Inn" I think many people would be afraid of getting caught, photographed or something like it. If it was something more "private" I think it would work better.

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    There have been some places that do ab guests...many have failed over the years...

    I think there is still one in Canada and the uk...but haven't kept up on that...


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    Appreciate all your replies.

    But isn't adult baby more acceptable to the public now? From the public media to the social media. Are all adult baby still prefer doing private? Just thinking it might be fun having it.

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    You could get a room at one of the indoor water parks, they have themed rooms that have log cabin style bunks and stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgbaby View Post
    Appreciate all your replies.

    But isn't adult baby more acceptable to the public now? From the public media to the social media. Are all adult baby still prefer doing private? Just thinking it might be fun having it.
    I wouldn't go so far as saying its more acceptable as much as it is just more known. But being more known doesn't always mean a good thing... Not like we've been represented by the best and not like the media has made it look any better.

    Though to be honest with you, I personally would LOVE an abdl themed hotel as long as it wasnt a sexual thing. They actually have this convention called CapCon that is pretty much an ageplay convention that you can get a hotel room or share one with other littles and just play til your heart's content with other littles in a safe, non-sexual thing. The only problem is that its only in one place, its 3 days out of the year and its a bit expensive, but a lot of my friends have gone and have told me that its definitely worth it.

    As for your question about Adult babies still prefering privacy: I think a lot of abdls prefer to be abdl privately and don't wish to share it with the world, but then again it depends on where you land in the whole spectrum seeing as AB/DL has become somewhat of an umbrella term for Littles/Kidults/Adult kids/ etc, and i know they may all sound like the same thing but to the individual person it might not be the same. So in other words: everyone is different, some like to be open about their ABDL/Little lifestyle, and others like to be secluded and prefer the privacy of their own home with no exceptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgbaby View Post
    But isn't adult baby more acceptable to the public now?
    Its not at all anymore socially acceptable as it was 10-20 years ago. If you dress in overalls/shortalls with a obvious diaper buldge there's no legal action against it. But you'll be snickered at.

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    This is a link to one that is in Canada, I am not sure if this one is still going but the website is cool! It's worth checking out!!

    ABDL Montréal - Adult Nursery - ABDL Montréal

    I used to look for places like this online and bookmark them, I had found a few others but I would read up on anything before thinking of going..

    I bet the conventions would be fun too! I have heard about CapCon, I have heard of a couple others too, Nelicon sounded like a good one too.. The others I was unsure of because they are very sexual in nature. I would have to do tons of reading before going to anything like that though, and personally would want to avoid anything too sexually oriented..

    I definitely want to check out things like that though!! =D

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    Thank you for the information. I definitely will look up on it.

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    Just to let you know that the daycare in Montreal is closed since I think 2008 or something like that, this went in the news and it wasn't good for us since the place was in a rented apartment building, the owner quickly took action to get them out of there, which was easy because he claimed the place was used for commercial purpose without declaring it... End of the story...

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