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Thread: So I told my fiancée last probably won't believe her reaction!

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    Default So I told my fiancée last probably won't believe her reaction!

    So last night after some sex talk about things like kinks and fetishes (which we have quite often) I finally told her about my diaper fetish. Her reaction completely threw me off. She said she completely understands and sees me no different and that she was willing to explore it. So after some more talk about what I like specifically about diapers, we took my stash out of hiding and put it in the bathroom got easier retrieval. Next she decided she wanted to put one on, so I diapered her up. Then I diapered myself. For the next half hour we cuddled and talked while lying in bed. Then she said something I definently didn't expect. She told me I can pee if I I did! She said she wanted to also, and even tried...but she had just gone before all this went down so she couldn't make it happen. She said she will definently make sure she has to next time. The night ended with diapered sex. I can't believe how accepting and willing she was. A part of me didn't even think she would ever try it with me, although I knew she would accept me eventually. I didn't in a million years think she would go that far in the first night!

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    It's great that she's open like that. Congrads on your mutual discovery! But be careful that she understands that this is a regular fetish/paraphilia for you and understand that this is may likely be a one or two week exploration for her, and maybe once in a long time after that. Be prepared to go vanilla when asked. She lets you have your stash more visible is a great sign.

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    One of the first things I told her was that it was something that was part of who I am, so it would be with me the rest of my life. She told me she loves all the parts of who i am and thinks the diaper thing is kinda cool. And there are plenty of times when I prefer vanilla sex over diapers, so that shouldn't be a problem. I also told her that I will understand if she finds, after exploring it a little, that she doesn't care for it too much that's ok. As long as I can still do it in my own time, I have no problem with her not participating. She's promised me, however, all I have to do is ask and she will participate. Hopefully, she really means it; I believe she does. For the time being, we are really both excited to explore!

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    Congrats Dprluv85, i love great news such as yours.
    I love the Tena Slips in your avatar!

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    Thank you. The tena slip maxi's are my favorite diaper so far. However there are still a few diapers I haven't tried such as the dry 24/7's

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    Two things:

    1. Have you considered the possibility that she either knew all along, or perhaps had diaper desires herself, but never let on?

    2. Key word: fiance. She's open to a lot of stuff now. Once the shackles are on, watch out. Every couple and every generation thinks its going to be different for them, but it isn't. Enjoy it while you can.

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    You just never know what tomorrow will bring, but congratulations, and enjoy every aspect of it. Yes, a little jealous

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    Yep..... I agree!! And congrats!

    Quote Originally Posted by Angusmac View Post
    You're wife rocks! Buy her something nice!


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