I just found out a new diaper brand that looks and feels very much like Xplus diapers. Not sure if it's available only in europe, but well worth a try! I woke up this morning with the diaper wet. Didn't leak at all and by the looks of it, it took quite a lot of wetting. I tried it out daytime, and it easily held 4 good wettings without leaking. I believe it could have taken even more, but didn't dare to risk it What makes this diaper so great, is that it's cheaper than xplus and also the tapes are a bit wider and don't move, rip or come off as easily. It's white comfortable plastic, the cutting is perfect and fits very snug. Only complaint is that it should be even thicker (not that it's not as thick as xplus, but you can always dream...)

I give it 9/10. Go try it now if you can!